Reflective essay on growth as a writer

What is a Reflective Essay? – Definition, Format & Examples

Sasha Blakeley has a Bachelor’s in English Literature from McGill University and a TEFL certification. She has been teaching English in Canada and Taiwan for seven years.

A reflective essay is an essay in which writers examine their own life experiences and growth. Explore the definition, format, and examples of reflective essays, as well as their structure, which is comprised of an introduction, body, and conclusion. Updated: 10/19/2021

Format of a Reflective Essay

A reflective essay is an essay in which the writer examines his or her experiences in life. The writer then writes about those experiences, exploring how he or she has changed, developed or grown from those experiences.

The format of a reflective essay may change slightly depending on who the audience is. For example, writing a reflective essay for a college course and an academic audience will have slight changes in how the essay is organized from writing a reflective essay for a magazine or a collection of essays, which has a broader audience, without people who have necessarily gone to college. However, some major elements go into a typical reflective essay: introduction, body and conclusion.

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Structure of a Reflective Essay

Reflective essays always have an introduction, where the speaker shares, either directly or indirectly, what the overall focus of the reflection will be. Many popular essay writers might be a bit indirect about their main topic, or about what part of their lives they will focus on. However, an academic writer should be more direct in explaining what aspect of his or her experiences that he or she will talk about.

The body of the reflective essay explains how the writer has changed or what the writer has learned. It also explains what things caused the writer to change. For example, many academic writers are asked to reflect on how they improved as writers over the semester or quarter. Those writers often share how different assignments and lessons made them stronger writers.

A strong reflective writer will not only share the change but also give examples as supporting details. For example, if a writer discusses becoming more optimistic in life, then examples should be given of what made this change, such as sharing an incident in which the writer took a positive approach to resolving the incident.

In the conclusion of a reflective essay, the writer sums up how he or she has changed or the effect of those changes. The writer also might look ahead or look backward. If looking ahead, the writer shares how he or she thinks the experiences in the essay will change him or her in the future. If looking backward, the writer will note how different he or she was in the past. Often, the writer will compare past and future selves to emphasize the difference.

Examples of Reflective Essays

Numerous essayists have used the reflective essay style to share ideas that are important to them or lessons that they have learned through personal experience. Examples include the following:

  • James Baldwin’s Notes of a Native Son is a collection of essays that shares a reflection of the author’s relationship with his father and compare it to the turbulence within society during the Civil Rights era.
  • Scott Russell Sanders’ Looking at Women reflects on the author’s complex relationship since he was a pre-teen with being attracted to women sexually, but not wanting to harm them by objectifying them.
  • Barbara Kingsolver’s The One-Eyed Monster and Why I Don’t Let Him In reflects on her and her family and their experiences with not having television in their household and how it makes their lives better.

Lesson Summary

Reflective essays are written in order to look back on personal experiences and measure how that experience has helped the author to grow or change. Reflective essays should have a clear introduction, body and conclusion in order to share the past events and how those events created change in the writer. A few examples of reflective essays are Notes of a Native Son and Looking at Women.

Table of Things to Remember

Terms/Authors Definitions/Works
Reflective essays written to look back on personal experiences and measure ways in which they helped the author grow or change
Introduction the speaker shares what the overall focus of the reflection will be
Body explains how the writer has changed or what the writer has learned
Conclusion sums up ways in which the author has changed or the effects of those changes
James Baldwin Notes of a Native Son
Scott Russell Sanders Looking at Women
Barbara Kingsolver The One-Eyed Monster and Why I Don’t Let Him In

Learning Outcomes

So you’re done with the video lesson? Now find out if you are ready to:

  • Provide the definition of ‘reflective essay’
  • Enumerate the three major parts of the essay
  • Cite examples of well-known reflective essays

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My Reflection On My Growth As A Writer

I am firm believer in making the best out of every situation. This semester has been a great learning experience that came with a lot of adjustments and surprises. I started off my semester to a rough start due to late registration which led me to playing catch-up in a lot of my courses. Even with these minor setback I still was able to achieve some of my goal that I made for the semester.
This course has helped me figure a lot of my strengths as a writer. I learned that I have good ideas and can be a good writer when a topic interest me. I have also learned that my grades usually reflect on how well I followed the criteria of an assignment. I realize that I have unique points of views on certain topics and often like to give my own thoughts and explanations about a topic. I also know how to be straight to the point with whatever message I try to convey. At the beginning of the semester I never payed attention to the tone of my writings and failed to realize how it affected the reader ‘s perception of my intended message. Before this course I feel like a had a narrow point of view on how to approach topics. I still struggle with planning out my thoughts before I start writing. I don’t brainstorm my thoughts on paper which is a direct result of why my ideas aren ‘t always …show more content…
Even though this course was my favorite class this semester, I don ‘t think I fully applied myself to the best of my ability. I could have managed my time more wisely and I also missed out on some key assignments trying to balance my home and work life with school. I feel that my shortcomings have helped me realize my flaws and that I still have a lot of growing to do because I am not okay with failure. I know I have to be pay attention to details and use my time wisely in order to be successful with alI thing that I want to accomplish as a student and in my

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Reflective Essay Of My Writing

Reflective Essay Of My Writing

I was able to learn a great deal about their writing, get good feedback, and improve on my papers dramatically. Even though I wrote some good papers this semester, I believe that I can write some better ones and improve the not so great ones. Before I didn’t really like writing, but now I can’t say that I still feel the same way. I enjoy writing and conducting interviews, writing about my pass, and just writing my feelings and thoughts. I learned the type of writing that I enjoy, which is…

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College Level Reflection

College Level Reflection

Which also helped tremendously, they were able to tell me to look at certain parts of my essay that I needed to reword so it became clearer to the reader. Going through all of these steps when writing my essay was incredibly beneficial to me and the overall writing of my essay, it made the writing of my essay go much smoother and efficiently. I was not wasting time trying to think of what I was going to write and if I ever became stuck, the freewrite helped me to clear my thoughts so I could continue…

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Reflective Essay: What I Learned From My Writing Class

Reflective Essay: What I Learned From My Writing Class

Throughout this semester of English 101, writing has become more of a skill than a struggle. Writing was a challenge that I dreaded when I chose to be in the course, nonetheless with time, I learned from my mistakes and was able to improve. This course made me very doubtful on whether I could be capable of even writing a paper that would provide me with a decent grade, but at the same time made me push myself in my writing technique. In the end, I can reflect that I learned from my mistakes and wrote papers that took time and dedication to accomplish. I learned from this class to be confident in my writing and make all the mistakes to receive the grade I want in the end.…

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Self Reflective Essay In College

Self Reflective Essay In College

Even though I still have my flaws within my essays, there are far fewer than there was before this class. I feel further prepared for every challenging course that may come way next year in college. I know that even if for any reason I had not earned college credit for this class, I would still enlist in this class again in a heartbeat. What I have learned has been invaluable to my writing skills. Next semester I am sure I will receive just as much assistance and witness just as much improvement in my writing as I have this…

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My Reflection Of My Final Portfolio

My Reflection Of My Final Portfolio

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MLA Reflective Report

MLA Reflective Report

However, there are also things that I realized works well for me in my writing, some of which I highlighted in this reflection and some of which shows in my revisions. Unlike what I thought in the beginning of the semester, I write much better when I make a bullet point outline and write out the paper without correcting myself as I go. In this English 102 course, I have learned many things about myself as a writer and have found that my preferred method way of writing works best for…

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Reflective Essay: The Importance Of Making Arguments

Reflective Essay: The Importance Of Making Arguments

Until this semester, I had not realized the importance of making arguments and supporting them properly. It honestly did not come as a shock to me, as I knew my past English teachers did not really care about teaching us proper writing skills. In high school, I was never made aware of my inability to properly organize a paper and make claims that I can fully support. The essentials of argument was something I had never heard of. Critical thinking, creating arguments and making claims were all new experiences for me, and after learning them, I believe my development as a writer, as well as a student, has grown to a more college level.…

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My Reflection Of My Portfolio

My Reflection Of My Portfolio

Another constant struggle for me is staying on top of my due dates for class. I am a pro procrastinator. Something I am not proud of but I am not the only one. I think that this is something that I have done with all of my papers. In order for me to be successful in English Comp 2, I need to change my…

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Engaged Citizensship Reflection

Engaged Citizensship Reflection

Although I believed that my final drafts were good and I had grown as a writer throughout the semester, I did have weakness and strengths in my writing. Some weakness that I did have was my ability to start off my papers and create great thesis statements to persuade my audience to continue reading. As time progressed throughout the semester I was able to become more conformable and confident as a writer.…

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Reflective Essay: My Improvement In College English Composition

Reflective Essay: My Improvement In College English Composition

But maybe none better than “A Helpful Hand” where I argued for forced vaccinations. In this essay I used strong paragraph transitions and also great flow when I eased on to the next elements of my paper (“A Helpful Hand”). I felt that this essay, coming as my last contained the multiple improvements that I have learned all year. Giving me a great chance to finish off with a strong essay. Which is always wanted in any class where you are given the opportunities to learn from your mistakes and build off them.…

Reflective Essay: My Growth As A Writer

To start off with I have grown immensely as a writer this year. When I started this course at the beginning of the year I had little to no writing experience. I have learned various literary skills and I’m actually very good at literature because of my previous years in English, but my background in basic English and grammar was severely lacking. To say the least I was a very unbalanced writer. Through this English 101 course I have not only grown as a writer in a technical sense but content wise as well.
The first essay I wrote was a “remembered event essay”. I decided that I would just give it my best shot and see what happened. Well, when I received my graded paper, it definitely was not what I was expecting. It had what seemed to be a million negative comments on it. (I actually had about sixty.) The comments ranged from having incorrect sentence structures to basic grammatical errors such as misplaced commas or needing to insert semicolons and such. Now that I knew what my essay was worth, I knew that I definitely needed to step up my game. I began searching for ways to improve my writing by first asking my teachers for any …show more content…
In this paper I had to write what my ideas were about an essay I had read previous to the writing process. After my essay was graded I found that I only had eight comments this time! Sixty-one to eight is a major improvement. My writing style is slowly beginning to become more and more complex and I am also starting to advance through this process. In fact, because of me working hard to improve my English skills I am more confident and my grades are better than they would have been if I had not put in the effort. This is something that is very important to me, because I strive to be the best I can be in all my courses. I want to excel at everything I possibly can. Therefore, when I put in the effort and I’m rewarded by my grade I am proud of myself and want to continue

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Reflection Of My Writing

Reflection Of My Writing

Like I previously stated I learned how to do many things with my writing this semester. The first essay we wrote, a narrative, was probably my favorite essay to write. Although it was my favorite, it was definitely not my best. I wrote my essay and felt like it was complete and worthy to turn in. Little did I know that was not the case.…

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Reflective Essay: What I Learned From My Writing Class

Reflective Essay: What I Learned From My Writing Class

What did I have that they didn’t? I had practice writing and received more control of how to collect my ideas and organize them into a paper that allowed me to acquire worthy grades. To emphasize, I am able to collect my ideas faster due to the consistency of writing every week. This behavior has led to me to being able to manage my time more efficiently on ideas such as punctuation and even creating longer sentences that will improve my papers. Even though English 101 is a beginner writing class, it taught me how to apply those writing skills outside of the classroom walls, while helping me more than any of my other high school English classes.…

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Reflection On Personal Reflection

Reflection On Personal Reflection

In my opinion my writing process improved a little. Now looking back at the first day versus today ‘s date, I am glad I proceeded with the class. It has taught me not to be afraid of writing and to be confident in my work. All my essays were difficult for me to write. When it comes to writing I am too hard on myself.…

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Reflective Essay: My Strengths As A Writer

Reflective Essay: My Strengths As A Writer

That’s when I begin to stress and just put things together to just at least turn the paper in. I know that writing has not been one of my strengths for a while. This could have something to do with the type of English teachers I have had previously over my high career. I don’t think they well pre-pared me for college essays and how to construct them correctly to the actually meet my professor’s standards. I figured I was an excellent writer because of my previous English grades and previous grades on essays.…

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My Reflective Paper In English Composition

My Reflective Paper In English Composition

This college course has definitely helped me improve my overall writing. My first paper in English Composition opened my eyes to how inadequately I had written before. Before I took this course, I had no idea what a thesis statement was or that it even existed. When I did learn about thesis statements, I struggled to create one and differentiate between the thesis statement and attention grabber. To me, each one seemed to be the exact same but with different meanings.…

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My English Assignment Analysis

My English Assignment Analysis

After reading over my rough and final drafts, I realized they all have two things that could use work on and it is the flow of my paragraphs and grammar. I still need to work on that but, I am happy with how far I have come as a writer. Taking this class has shown me my strengths and weakness in writing. Even though I am not very excited about writing essays in my next English class, I feel more confident than I did when I first started English 1157 because of Professor…

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English 111 Reflective Essay

English 111 Reflective Essay

I’ve learned how to effectively outline essays, properly cite other author’s works and overall I’ve become better with punctuation. These were all points that I struggled with as a novice write, randomly placing commas wherever, haphazardly starting a writing project without any kind of guide and not giving credit to those who deserve it. Though I’m still a novice writer, all these points have made me a better writer overall. As I continue in my novice skill set, I applied one of the most valuable skills I learned in English 111 to this essay. Outlining is quite truly a simple process.…

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Reflection On Intermediate Composition

Reflection On Intermediate Composition

Looking over the graded essay I could not help but notice some simple mistakes such as spelling and grammar. Some things I struggled with were transitioning into a new paragraph, repeating phrases, and getting to my main idea in the essay. I was really surprised with the overall outcome with the essay because I did not think that my essay was going to turn out to be a B minus. One thing that I have seemed to master is the introduction to an essay and attracting the audience into reading my…

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English 102 Reflective Essay

English 102 Reflective Essay

Everyone hates English class is what I thought before taking English 102. However, that may have been the case before I entered Dr. Byrd’s domain, but after finishing the class I have come to the realization that English class can be greatly resourceful. English 102 this year has had its ups and downs, and I must admit the ups outweigh the downs. Meaning, this year, I have learned that I am not a student who wants to read or write, but through reading and writing my mind and skill sets concerning English have grown. During English 102 this year, reading and writing in class helped me expand my writing skills, improved my will to comprehend, and most importantly helped expand my knowledge.…

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My Experience In My Writing

My Experience In My Writing

At first I was doing my first essay like I was doing back home. It was extremely different even the structure and the techniques. So this was my first mistake. Also, in Latin America is common to write a lot and in the United States is to write the direct things and no more. It was a huge changed but after doing more essay I got used to.…

Reflective Essay: My Growth As A Writer

. Two reflective entries Reflective entry 1: New Beginnings Deciding to attend university as a mature age student was a decision I did not take lightly. I am working towards furthering my education in order to gain the necessary qualifications that will help me in my future business endeavour. I have found that after so long out of the education system it has been a difficult transition juggling study and work. The first units that were chosen for me in study period 2, I thought were difficult to understand having never written an essay before and without the knowledge or know how, I was not able to complete these units. SSK12 has given me a good understanding of what it takes at becoming a university student and in particular the skills on writing essays. As I have mentioned previously up until study period 2, I had never written an essay and did not fully comprehend how important the set out of a university essay was. Choosing an Essay Question was an important part of my learning in week 6 because this has now given me the beginning step in writing a university essay using the correct format. I am feeling a lot more confident when approaching the subject of essays as I now understand and have the knowledge on the procedure in completing an academic essay and what is required. I now know that by firstly choosing a question will then help you to with your thesis and this in turn will give you your main idea and sets the way in which to write your.

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Reflective Paper

. A reflective essay is a piece of writing that basically involves your views and feelings about a particular subject. The goal of a reflective essay is to not only discuss what you learned, but to convey the personal experiences and findings that resulted. Writing a reflective essay is your chance to reveal and talk about your personal insight about a topic. Reflective essays are used as a self-assessment measure of sorts; they allow you to address your experiences and what you’ve gained. The reflective essay consists of your individual views on the matter and an explanation of your stance. The goal of this essay is to successfully relay your own beliefs, attitudes and observations. In some reflective essays, you’ll be required to support your conclusions by citing materials such as books, journals, articles and other resources. A reflective essay should reflect your own thoughts on the subject matter, not those of others. The poem by Langston Hughes, “Theme for English B”, brought back memories of myself growing up during the times where it was truly a white only and black only world. It was not college that I had to endure the color barriers but it was going to elementary through high school. I went to an all black school until I entered high school. The plot seems to take on a very structured, by providing detailed background information. The plot is clearly connected to the setting as Hughes states “I am twenty-two, colored, born in Winston-Salem. I went to school.

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. English 1101-17 11/24/15 Professor F Reflective Essay Wow! What a Semester. Writing is something that has always been an issues in my life. I do enjoy writing as long it’s not academic. Cliché I know, but if I have to write about an event or tell a story, I am all for it. As long as the guidelines are not too strict. And I have creative freedom. I have always had issues with my writing due to thing such as grammar and sentence fragments. But this class has helped me with those problems. Especially in my other classes. Which seemed to have the same amount of writing, if not more. There are many aspects of English that I now comprehend better. My perception on English has changed drastically, I have found a new level of respect for authors and readers. And their ability to create images through words. My own experience in this class has shaped me into greater thinker, due to the many deep thinking sessions in class. I would like to formally thank Professor Brevik, for introducing a well needed method into my writing process. Each writer has their own strength and weaknesses. And mine seemed to the five in-class essays we have done during the semester. I really struggled with those assignments, maybe because this was my first time being exposed to such task. But I thank the struggling assignment. It has showed me to slow down and think about the topic. Evaluate every aspect of the instructions and proceed with an open mind. I believe if I would have sat and.

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Reflection Paper

. have succeeded just by trying. Everyone’s vision of success differs. Success takes many different definitions. People have different interpretations of what success really means. For me is as simple as: living well and laughing often. The idea of living well is a very broad statement. Living well, in my opinion is getting success in personal, social and professional life. If I can achieve all of these three levels of success, I believe that I have lived well. Personal success for me is being able enjoy little things that life has to offer. For instance; understanding and appreciating diversity. To have someone to love and treasure, to meet the right person, fall in love, and get marry. To feel that I’m able to love my child and pass on wisdom to him .Feeling that someone loves me, is something that makes me completely happy and successful. Because I believe that without love, life is not thoroughly complete, thus never truly achieve success. I believe that, by being mentally and physically healthy, I have achieved personal success. When I get home to see my loving husband, my loved child, and then I’m able to sit down, relax and appreciate life, then I’m successful in my own right. Social success has a lot to do with the natural tendencies that I as human posses. For instance, I have identified good friends that I can count on as well as they can count on me. Meaning that I have good friend where I can rely on. I know.

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This Is Not Even My Essay

. UNIV 111 Education Portfolio Search SKIP TO CONTENT SAMPLE PAGE UNIV 111: UNIT 2 ESSAY – CONSUMPTION AS ETHICAL BEHAVIOR APRIL 28, 2015 PARKJH37 LEAVE A COMMENT The second writing is about the Consumption as Ethical Behavior. In this analytic 1350-word essay, the viewpoints of two thinkers are compared and reflected regarding to the ethical appeals that the company makes. For this essay, I chose Starbucks Company as the ethical company and I have introduced two writers from our readings in class. I honestly had hard time starting the introduction of this essay, because it was a new way of writing that I have never experience before. However, through many drafting and the help of my Focused Inquiry Professor, I was able to write this essay. UNIV 111 Unit 2 Essay Consumption as Ethical Behavior UNIV 111 Ju Hee Park 02 – 18 – 15 Everyone loves to have a cup of Starbucks Coffee for a relaxing break, for meeting a friend and talk to, for grab and go, and etc during our daily complex schedule. And Starbucks Company has made all these possible by providing a great place to socialize with other people while they are enjoying their products. But not only, Starbucks good at providing a social zone, and their luxurious qualities, the Starbucks Coffee Company also supports some ethical values. The Starbucks Coffee Company promotes their ethical values by claiming that they are constructing greener stores, recycling and reducing waste, conserving water and energy.

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Sample Sop

. SAMPLE STATEMENT OF PURPOSE MBA EXAMPLE ESSAY Write a candid description of yourself, stressing those personal qualities, assets, and liabilities that you feel will influence your graduate work. Describe what you consider to be your most important professional and / or academic achievement to date. If one were to ask my friends to describe me they would describe me as a very pleasant, diverse, active and intelligent woman. I think one of my most distinguishing characteristics is the diversity of experiences I possess. I am a science student with a flair for the arts. I am a woman with technical aptitude and an interest in management. I also have a passion for traveling and understanding different cultures of the world. All these elements have given me a very broad outlook, with varying degrees of knowledge in a range of topics. I strongly believe that although some are not related directly, all these qualities will influence my graduate work. My Engineering degree has given a strong foundation to my analytical skills since civil designing involves a lot of long, complex and intricate calculations and the application of basic math skills. Over the past four years, I have been working part-time with my family firm, SnMTech Systems. I am also the co-founder and active member with FOE – Friends of the Environment. I have assisted in the installation of Enterprise-wide Resource Planning (ERP) System at Blotech, a major Engineering Company. More than what I have studied.

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Peer Tutoring and the Conversation of Mankind.Doc

. 87 .,~. Peer Tutoring and the “Conversation of Mankind” by Kenneth A. Bruffee The beginnings of peer tutoring lie in practice, not in theory. A decade or so ago, faculty and administrators in a few institutions around the country became aware that, increasingly, students entering college had difficulty doing as well in academic studies as their abilities suggested they should be able to do. Some of these students were in many ways poorly prepared academically. Many more of them, however, had on paper excellent secondary preparation. The common denominator among the poorly prepared and the apparently well prepared seemed to be that, for cultural reasons we may not yet fully under­ stand, all these students had difficulty adapting to the traditional or “normal” conventions of the college classroom. One symptom of the difficulty was that many of these students refuSed .help when it was offered. Mainly, colleges offered ancillary programs staffed by professionals. Students avoided them in droves. Many solutions to this problem were suggested and tried, from mandated programs to sink-or-swim. One idea that seemed at the time among the most exotic and unlikely (that is, in the jargon of the Sixties, among the most “radical”) turned out to work rather well. Some of us had guessed that students were refusing the help we were providing because it seemed to them merely an extension of the work, the expectations, and above all the social structure of traditional classroom learning.

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Time Management

. management to eliminate defects and time wastage. An inspiring quote which emphasizes on the importance of time management is: “Time stays long enough for those who use it” and from this quote we can sense the deep meaning of time management skills. Reflection is defined as deliberately examining and considering the advantages and disadvantages of a personal experience. Reflecting on your personal work will help in learning from past experience; also it allows for personal and professional growth. A reflective essay is a way of writing in which the writer illustrate and describe his or her personal experience. Reflective writing is done by describing the facts which made up the experience and by evaluating the whole experience after it have been done by looking on what when well and what did not. This essay is going to reflect the time management skills used by me which allowed me to overcome my graduation project and presentation. (Quotations Book. 2013) The experience & evaluation: In my final year study at the university I was asked to carry out a research on fiber lasers and use simulation software called RP Photonics to design a practical laser. Both the software and the fiber laser.

Words: 2162 – Pages: 9


. Reflection on the Effects of Memoirs The primary purpose of my research paper is to present a cross-section of the current conversations taking place around the way memoirs affect the writers who publish them. Based on my research, it appears that the effects tend to involve emotional and psychological consequences, as well as legal troubles in some instances. The discovery of this conversation helped me to refine my research topic into the question, “Do the benefits of publishing a memoir outweigh the risks of their effects for writers?” This research explores the positive and negative effects of memoirs on their writers to determine whether or not the risks are worth the rewards. Although writing a memoir can result in lawsuits and family discord, it more often proves to be therapeutic and can be the starting point of a nonfiction writer’s career. What if I told you that memoirs are incredibly important to our society, because they document the human experience in such an honest way? Although they are valuable, they can also be risky. One key issue is that a memoir’s admissions risk causing major drama for writers, including legal trouble. In addition, they can be a catalyst for burning bridges with former employees. They can also potentially destroy long-term personal relationships. In this paper, I work to discover if it is worth all the drama to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. As I began my research, I initially uncovered several.

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Communication Skills

. Communication skills for career growth Comm/102 1/12/2011 Don Dwight The last research paper that I wrote was about divorce, and the reasons behind divorce. I found this topic very relevant; in the world we live in today many married couples rapidly have found themselves turning to divorce as an answer. Finishing the fairy tale they had once fantasized. Moreover, there are certain well- known reasons that put people at higher risk for divorce and these are lack of commitment between the couples, marriage at a very early age, Infidelity, alcohol addiction, and physical abuse, and even financial problems. In my paper I used many resources, including online references, blogs, books, and articles. I also used reliable references when appropriate. Quoted my references and included a bibliography to strengthen my essay. I started off my paper with some background information about divorce general knowledge and basic points. I wrote my thesis statement and branched off with my main ideas. I went to elaborate my main ideas making sure to use supporting ideas and details. I also used various statistics, facts, and figures to support and toughen my points and restated my thesis into my conclusion to summarize my research paper. If I were to rewrite this paper now .

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Critically Reflective Essay.

. Critically reflective essay Emma Purnell: 0522771 “Our planning (or worrying about) what’s happening next gives us little opportunity or inclination to examine what has just passed” Wallace (2005) Writing from a student teacher perspective I thought it was very apt to start with the quote above. I believe I, like many student teacher colleagues, spend so much time worrying about what I have to do next, that sometimes I need to have a gentle prod or reminder that I need to be critically reflective of my actions in order to improve my future teaching performance. Sometimes if a session goes wrong I would rather not dwell on it and re-examine why it went wrong as it hurts my pride. However, this would be the easy option and how many times in future situations could I close my eyes and pretend bad experiences hadn’t happened? So regardless of how painful the experience it is vital that we critically reflect on everything we do as teachers, after all we reflect automatically on events in our personal life that we do or don’t want to happen again yet we find it harder to do it in our professional lives. The idea of the need for reflection goes back to the time of Socrates who claimed that the unexamined life was not worth living. More recently however, the idea of reflection in learning was radical in the times of traditional educational institutions. John Dewey as early as the 1930’s wrote and advocated the need for reflection in learning. Dewey, the father of.

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. Task 1 : 2000 Words report to describe and evaluatehow the student in their professional role, support the ethos and mission statement of their school with particular regard to a specific whole school policy area. TITLE: A report to describe and evaluate how I , in my professional role, support the ethos and mission statement of my school with particular regard of the school’s Language policy. Mission Statement: To provide a rich academic programme A curriculum based on best research evidences and on successful teaching and learning strategies for teaching for children of diverse backgrounds and learning needs. To be a community school A vibrant center for educational, recreational, cultural and social programs for children and adults in an international community which draws upon and contributes to the vitality of the international community through an innovative and focused curriculum. To maintain a unique Professional Development Focus A culture of continuous professional growth for all staff and functions as a “hub” for educators throughout the region to engage them regularly in a wide range of learning opportunities that promote ongoing professional growth. IB LEARNER PROFILE Inquirers They develop their natural curiosity. They acquire the skills necessary to conduct inquiryand research and show independence in learning. They actively enjoy learning and thislove of learning will be sustained throughout their lives. Knowledgeable They explore concepts.

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It’s Dannyboy

. Senior English Curriculum Map: 2010-2011 School Year English IV * Note: “Sacred Book List” Addendum is at the end of this document Quarter #1 August 23 to October 22 Essential Questions: 1. How do writers and artists organize or construct text to convey meaning? 2. What does it mean to be a stranger in the village? Unit Goals 1. To understand the relationship between perspective and critical theory. 2. To apply critical theories to various texts studied and created. 3. To control and manipulate textual elements in writing to clearly and effectively convey a controlling idea or thesis. Student Published Portfolios: For each of the first three quarters, students are required to complete three to four published writing portfolio products. Quarter 4 is devoted to completion of the Laureate Research Project. . Pacing: This map is one suggestion for pacing. Springboard pacing guides precede each unit in the “About the Unit” sections and offers pacing on a 45-minute class period length. Prentice Hall Literature – Use selections from Prentice Hall throughout the quarter to reinforce the standards being taught as well as the embedded assessments within the SpringBoard curriculum. QUARTER #1 SpringBoard Curriculum Pacing Guide August 23 – October 22 Standards and Benchmarks | Unit Pacing Guide | SpringBoard Unit/Activities | Assessments | SpringBoard Unit 1Literature * The students will analyze and compare significant works.

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Philippine Literature

. conversation in sentences and paragraphs, while poetry refers to those expressions in verse, with measure and rhyme, line and stanza and has a more melodious tone. I. Prose There are many types of prose. These include novels, biographies, short stories, contemporary dramas, legends, fables, essays, anecdotes, news and speeches. 1. Novel. This is a long narrative divided into chapters. The events are taken from true-to-life stories and spans a long period of time. There are many characters involved. 2. Short Story. This is a narrative involving one or more characters, one plot, and one single impression. 3. Plays. This is presented in a stage. It is divided into acts and each act has many scenes. 4. Legends. These are fictitious narratives, usually about origins. 5. Fables. These are fictitious and they deal with animals and inanimate things who speak and act like people and their purpose is to enlighten the minds of children to events that can mold their ways and attitudes. 6. Anecdotes. These are merely products of the writer’s imagination and the main aim is to bring out lessons to the reader. 7. Essay. This expresses the viewpoint or opinion of the writer about a particular problem or event. 8. Biography. This deals with the life of a person which may be about himself, his autobiography or that of others. 9. News. This is a report of everyday events in society, government, science and industry, and accidents, local and national.

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. college freshman taking up BS Legal Management. This E-portfolio encapsulates my entire writing journey of sorts in my ENGLCOM (Basic Communication and Study Skills) course throughout the second term of my first year in university. In here, you will be able to read about various ideas—from the meaning of the word “infinite” beyond the concept taught to us in our Math classes, to the causes of the Philippines’ lagged progress (no, it is not solely due to corruption), and, well, Korean Pop. With all these topics mentioned, I hope you appreciate how much I have grown in terms of flexibility, as I was never comfortable with writing beyond my interests. The entire journey was a roller coaster, thanks to the great deal of papers that came with strict deadlines, high standards, along with numerous revisions inked in either pink, green, red, or blue. However, I believe that all those days figuring out how exactly my professors want me to revise parts of my papers and whatnot are worth it—The innumerable scratch papers that I was armed with in the beginning of the term are gone. I can now write an article of great quality without having to frantically jot down my ideas on a separate sheet of paper. I believe that this growth of mine is impossible without my professors. Therefore, I would like to extend my gratitude to them: To Ms. Aileen Bautista for her meticulousness, as for without her seemingly “harsh” comments, my supposed scholarly papers would have been that of the quality.

A Reflection on The Improvement in My Reading, Writing, and Learning

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Reading, Writing, and Learning Process Reflection

Through taking this class, I have significantly improved in my reading, writing, and learning! I have noticed these improvements several times as I have written assignments for other classes, as well as reading in general. I have focused on my strengths and aimed to fix my weaknesses. This growth and expansion is unique to this semester for me. I have never felt as confident about these skills until completion of this course. These skills will follow me into my future career, and I am appreciative of this opportunity. Prior to this course, I was not good at discovering hidden meanings and ideas in readings, and had many grammatical issues. Now, I have strengthened in both areas, thanks to the ideas and reflections presented in throughout the entire semester.

Reading has always been a struggle for me. Not reading out loud, more finding the hidden themes and so forth in texts. However, this course required that we read and analyze articles such as the one by Fallow. This weakness made these writings somewhat difficult. I had to read and research a lot, however, by doing so, I learned the proper mechanisms to complete such tasks. Now, I feel confident about putting the puzzle pieces together. I can more easily pick out the hidden themes and issues that authors include in their writings. This is a great skill to master, and I am very fortunate to have such assignments that focus on enabling me to strengthen such weaknesses. Reading is not only about speaking, but also about how to find ideas and make sense of the presented materials. Reading is very essential to the entire process, because once one is familiarized with proper reading techniques , they can also improve in other areas such as writing.

Through this class, my writing skills have also improved significantly. I have noticed these changes after my improvements in reading concluded. The two go together and one improves, the other follows. Initially, I dreaded writing. It is very hard to write when English is not your first language. However, now I actually enjoy writing, and use it as a way to express my thoughts and ideas. Writing is one of the most important skills that any student can possess. If one is good in writing, they can change the world. I noticed, in my initial writings, I had many grammatical errors. However, these instances are fewer now. Which I feel very proud to say. Grammar is very confusing, however, through revisions, and criticism, I have learned where my common mistakes were primarily. It was basically tense related, my errors, that is. I had a hard time deciphering which tense to use in sentences. However, I have significantly improved in such cases.

I have employed an entirely new thought process through these improvements. I have learned that sometimes criticism is needed. I have learned that we all have weaknesses and these should not bring us down. I have certainly gained a more proactive attitude towards improving in things that I have struggled with for a long time. Before this change, I use to have a negative though process. Each time I faced something I struggled with I would immediately dread it. Now, when I think negatively, I can immediately reflect on more positive aspects. Like how much I have improved in all three of these skills.

In the future, I hope that I can write and read at an expert level. This can be accomplished through reading and writing daily. Practice does not make perfect, but it does lead to improvements. Revisions and peer based criticism is certainly needed through this process. This is how I realized the majority of my errors in both categories. In the future, I hope to carry over the many skills I have taken with me this semester, while also aiming for more enhancements.

Personal Growth Essay | A Winning Essay Writing Strategy

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Personal Growth. Perhaps this topic is the most popular one since it delves into the heart of what the admissions essay is all about: helping the college gain better insight into an applicant’s personality and character. Some schools ask targeted questions — “What was the most challenging event you have ever faced, and how have you grown from it?” — while others leave the topic open: “Describe an event that has had great meaning for you. Explain why and how it has affected you.”

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One of the most successful strategies is to use a past event as a lens through which you can assess who you were and the person you became, how you have grown and changed, your transformation. Most children are curious, but were you the one who asked your teacher what caused the change of seasons of the year and then created a solar system model and explained the concept to your classmates? Though you may think that your topic needs to be more grandiose, that is not necessary for an essay to be effective. Instead, success lies in painting an accurate and vivid picture of yourself — one that will show admissions officers that you have much to offer their school.

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The most important advice we can give is to be honest, refrain from using clichés, and show maturity. College represents a radical change from high school, so you want your reader to realize that you are more than ready to take the next major step in your life.

And to make this step easier for you, our expert editors on College, Graduate, MBA, Law and Medical admission can guide you through the process of creating a perfect personal growth essay.

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The main goal of this essay is to show your ability to face different challenges. Usually, the applicants write about a situation or person who changed their minds fundamentally. Also, it’s important to highlight your problem-solving skills by mentioning the steps you undertake to go through some life situations.

You need to start with an introductory sentence to make a preview of your personal story. Adding a hook can help stand out from the rest of the potential students. Usually, an applicant chooses one of the topics to describe your personality: the hardest challenge in your life, your dream and long-term goals, or your biggest achievement or failure.

It’s better to choose a situation from your life that was the hardest challenge for you. Then, mention why it was so hard for you and list the main steps you made to overcome this problem. Finally, summarize how these circumstances affected your personality and what skills you’ve gained.

Self-reflection on My Experience as a Writer in My English I Class

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English I was more than I expected. When you come from middle school with all A’s and the confidence that you will reach the stars, you would think that English I in high school would be a breeze. But I was wrong. It seemed like a dream in the first few weeks of school, but once the first quarter ended, the paperwork started piling up. I would have never foreseen the work and the feeling of failure that would come to pass. Every paper seemed like a brick wall, a standing obstacle between me and my academic success. As each assignment became increasingly harder, I felt it more difficult to climb over these “walls,” whether it be a simple reading question or a critical analysis paper. When you analyze the works that I included in my portfolio, you will notice that I have not been able to climb over all the “walls” that I encountered. But I’ve realized that my success has always been dependent on my feelings on the assignment, the difficulty of the task at hand, and my skills as a writer. My writing skills seem to be premature, but the more works I complete, hopefully my writing ablilites will grow. (If I may, I never really understood how to establish a thesis statement.)

My experience as a writer has grown quite a bit over this school year. I have never written a critical assessment paper, self-reflection, or other papers that demanded more deep thought than a basic story sypnosis. I have answered critcal answer questions, but not a whole paper. I feel kind of foolish not having that kind of experience before going to English I. But as the final days of English I fade away, I can at least look back in some dim sense of achievement.

I was introduced to a wider array of topics and ways to write a paper. I reestablished in myself the basic fundamentals of writing, including making specific connections, being less vague, etc.

To tell you the truth, I felt as if I haven’t made muc h progress. Based on all the “red-ink” on my papers—the correction ink wasn’t necessisarily red; it’s just an expression—I don’t feel like I made a lot of, if any, progress. For example, on my paper on facing adversity in I Know Why the Cage Bird Sings, the main comments included misplaced or a lack of supporting quotations, as well as vague material and a poor conclusion. Later on in the school year when I wrote a paper on the duality of power in Animal Farm, I still made the same mistakes. I don’t understand why I made the same mistakes, and I’m not quite sure how to fix them.

As you may know now, I had some difficulty in English I. The assignments here and there were okay, but there was this one assignment that especially gave me trouble. The piece that was the most challenging was a paper on facing adversity on I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. It seemed very challenging to me because it was rather difficult writing a paper that required me to think critically about a book I disliked and couldn’t “sink into.” I found the book tedious and uneventful, with no offense to the author, Maya Angelou. When I feel out-of-sync with the book I have to write about, it is hard to come up with ideas. That was what made that piece extremely challenging.

My time in English I wasn’t “a walk in the park,” but there were some pieces that were actually agreeable. My favorite piece was the Pre-CAPT Question #2. I enjoyed it greatly not because of the grade, but because it was straightforward. It demanded critical thinking, but it balanced that aspect with a linear answer. Basically, it was easy. It was probably the best work I did all year. I must have had a great amount of motivation.

I’ve learned so much throughout this school year and in English I. I’ve made some improvements, but I’ve realized from my experiences and paper comments some areas I can improve. Most of the major areas include making specific connections, inserting better supporting quotations, and establishing strong conclusions. I somewhat enjoyed English I; and I know that if I put more effort in my writing and fulfill theses areas of needed improvement, I will hopefully succeed and find more enjoyment in English II than English I.

Reflective essay on growth as a writer

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  • Baseline Essay
  • Autobiographical Essay
  • Literary Analysis Essay
  • Expository Essay
  • Community Leadership Essay
  • My Growth as a Writer Reflection
  • Baseline Essay (“XX” Poem)
  • Biographical Essay (Enrique’s Journey)
  • Expository Essay (Leopard Man)
  • Literary Analysis Essay (Lord of the Flies)
  • Argumentative Essay (Kindred)
  • My Journey as a Writer

My Growth as a Writer Reflection

Guadalupe Zamora
Period 4, English 1
20 May 2017
My Journey As a Writer

In the beginning of the year I was doing terrible on my essays. I wrote awkward phrases that usually ended up on most paragraphs. I did not know why I was doing these easy to find mistakes. In the beginning, I never spoke my essay out loud. What that meant was that I never found my mistakes because I never read it out. I always read it on my mind which did not help me out because my mind usually skipped most of the errors. Not to mention that my writing was very skimpy and not detailed at all. Now I am more aware of making sure that I can include detail to fulfil the reader. My journey was not perfect. I had my ups and down throughout it but everyday I learned how to become the more improved writer of me. I noticed that now, when I write I usually do not stop around the 4th or 5th sentence. I keep on going because it became a habit to make the writing long and not skimpy. Before I used to write pedestrian words such as “bad”, “good”, or “thing”. Until this year when I found out that there was better vocabulary to replace those words.

Out of all the essays I have done this year, I think I did my best on the autobiographical essay. I think I did my best on this essay because it required a personal story of mine. In the story I could make sure it was detailed and that most events of that story were in the essay. There was not many errors compared to my other essays. I did have awkward phrases on this essay because at times parts of my essay did not make sense. It was also because I did not read the sentences out loud in which I would have heard the errors. There was times in the essay in which I would be on a role but then later it would get skimpy and a bit plain. Like most of essays I could get really skimpy and start repeating myself over the same topic. But in this essay I basically wrote all the story in one paragraph which would give me trouble on the next. On the other hand, I think overall my autobiographical essay was one of the best essays I have done this school year because it was one of the most personalised story I have of my life.

The essay I had a difficult time on has to be the Night Literary Analysis. This essay was the most difficult for me because even if I knew my topic and what I was writing about in the middle of the my essay I would blank out. What this meant that I wrote all the juicy parts at the beginning which would leave me with nothing at the end. My topic of the essay was “decisions”. I knew why I wanted to write about decisions because in Wiesel’s story he had to decide his life and how would he be able to survive. This would be a topic that would allow my to write in depth about Wiesel’s story. Well it did not go quite as planned because when I started writing, I wrote all my thought down until I noticed that I had nothing left. I felt as if I kept repeating myself over and over again. This was the part in which I started to get stressed and I did not know what to do. This essay was the most challenging to me because I knew a lot about the holocaust but I did not really understand why Wiesel’s made those decisions. At the end I received a thirty-five out of fifty which is a basic. I was really disappointed but when I read why I had received that grade it made sense. Most of the feedback stated my lack of explanation and simplistic thinking. In addition, this essay helped me improve on my other future essays even if it was one of my worst.

My journey as a writer has great, so of my goals for my upcoming years are to be more confident with my writing. I would want to be more confident with my writing because I always feel like my essays are never good enough. To make this happen I will try to be comfortable with my writing because if I write like there was no one there to judge I could write what I feel personally. I would also think that I can do it and try not blank out. These are my goals because they are the ones that I struggle the most in my writing and in my life in general. Hopefully I can achieve these goals in college because that is where I plan to go when I finish high school. But if I could do it in high school that would also be amazing. My journey has allowed me to explore how far I could go with my writing right now. In the future I could become a better more improved writer and then I would look back to this moment in my journey and think to myself how much I have grown over the years. In conclusion, I feel like writing will stick with me wherever I go because it has become something I look forward in doing in the Puente Program and for the rest of my life.

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