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5 Best Essay Writing Services Revealed For 2021

Grade Miners Revealed 5 best essay writing services of 2021 in the US. Read to know more about them.

Writer’s block is no joke. Every evening, thousands of students in the USA find themselves too tired and stressed out to write a single essay line. Also, receiving little to no support from teachers and instructors, many lose any interest in doing writing homework.

But what about course progress? GPA? Scholarships? These are some serious questions, while the so-called “we’ll do it for you” essay writing services are the instruments that can help get the answers.

We asked RankMyWriter, an allegedly unsponsored and unaffiliated aggregator of reviews on websites providing essay writing services, “supported by students for the like-minded peers,” what are the 5 reliable essay writing options to keep in view in 2021?

The top essay writing services to pick in 2021 are:

1. Grade Miners – best overall essay writing service.

2. Master Papers – most proficient ENL and ESL essay writers.

3. Private Writing – best customer confidentiality and no strings attached.

4. Pay For Essay – value for money that fits into the budget.

5. Same Day Essay – 1-hour delivery and overall proficient essay service.

What these services share in common are an above-average customer experience, competent writers, fast turnaround without any major details, easy order steps, and a strong money-back guarantee alongside affordable prices.

For more details, please see below.

1. Grade Miners

● Medium-range prices starting from $14.03

● Competent ENL writers

● 15% price-off for newcomers

● 60-min. deadline available

● 97% of papers delivered timely

● 24/7 customer support

● Positive customer feedback

● 50+ subjects covered

● “Big name” in the essay industry since 2001

● ESL writers for your lower price range orders

● Delays occur from time to time

● Revisions might take up to 14 days

● Have to pay more to get an essay fast is said to be among the leading essay writing services in 2021. The company is well-known in the industry and has allegedly been helping students with homework since 2004. The 24/7 customer support department follows the so-called WOW approach that aims to provide students with the best service in the niche.

What about writers?

Students and those who need services of custom essay writing can count on two types of writers offered on the website: strong ESL (English as a second language) writers and proper ENL specialists, all across 50+ subject matters.

For your cheaper orders, an ESL writer could be offered. If the money isn’t an issue, then it’s possible to recruit an ENL writer or an advanced ESL. It all depends on your budget, goals, and knowledge of English.

How fast? is known to be striving for leadership in such a parameter as essay writing turnaround. With a low percentage of missed deadlines – around 3% – the company shows determination when meeting customer deadlines.

A new essay can be written from scratch as fast as 1 hour. A more traditional deadline, 24-48 hours, is the industry standard. For your more complex papers, e.g., a dissertation or a thesis paper, a deadline of up to 2 months is available.

Order process

The order process is simple: fill out the order form, choose all the extra services available (1-page summary, top writer, plagiarism report, SMS updates, VIP order status, etc.), verify your order, and make a secure payment.

The lowest price is around $14.03 per page, which includes topic research, sources, APA/MLA/Chicago/Turabian style, drafting, editing, proofreading, formatting, and plagiarism check. For all the new customers, the company offers a 15% discount.

2. Master Papers

● In the market since 2004

● Master’s level ENL and ESL writers

● 15% welcome bonus

● 24/7 customer support

● 50+ types of college and uni papers to order

● Reliable customer security

● Writers are not cheap

● Averaging 5% missed deadlines

● Additional services raise the price

● Fits college and university students rather than high school is known to be a company designed to work on complex research papers for college/university-level students pursuing their Master’s and Doctorate qualifications. Although a high school student can also buy an essay on the website, it will be too costly. In general, the company is second best to


Both ESL and ENL writers are available. The insiders confirm that the screening process is very thorough, aiming to hire real professional writers. Whether a student is a native English speaker or an international one, the managers of MasterPapers will help find the most qualified writer.

When hiring writers, the company is known to put emphasis on the ability of writers to work on long-format research papers, e.g., a dissertation, a thesis paper, a capstone, coursework. In the U.S. alone, customers of the company use its services to buy such types of papers in the first place. Although it’s possible to purchase a quality essay, a dissertation would be a more popular service.

Urgency and delivery

Deadlines vary from 24 hours to 20 days. Numerous urgency options are available so that, depending on one’s budget and how soon a person wants work to be ready, different turnaround can be chosen.

No major missed deadlines are known to be attributed to the website. The majority of customers confirm that the company does everything in its power to meet all deadlines, even desperate ones.

Prices and money-back

For nearly $19.06 per page, one can buy an MA-level college paper in Humanities, which will be done in 72 hours, including additional services. With a 15% first-time discount that all new customers get automatically, the final price becomes cheaper. American Express cards, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover, are accepted as payment means as of 2021.

3. Private Writing

● Secure checkout since 2004

● Sometimes orders arrive ahead of schedule

● Good writers, ENL and ESL

● Communication with a writer

● Essays pass Turnitin

● Privacy has to be paid for

● Some delays happen

● New design isn’t all too great

As anyone could’ve guessed, judging from the company’s title, makes customer security its primary angle. In 2021, the website is allegedly one of the most secure available to students in the U.S. According to Privacy Policy and Terms And Conditions, 3rd parties have no access to any information about customers and their order details. The website is also protected by DMCA.

Turnaround & delivery

Turnaround and delivery are standard to what people usually expect from one of the top 5 essay writing providers. Buy an essay in 1 hour or a term paper in 10 days, or a dissertation in 60 days, for example. The percentage of missed deadlines is about 6%, which is still very low.

Price & money-back

It’s hard to say that is one of the cheapest essay writing services. On the contrary, it’s one of the expensive ones. Rates per page start at $16.14 in return for a college-level paper having a general deadline. e.g., 10 days. The financial security of customers is protected by a great money-back guarantee.

As far as the order process, customers are kindly asked to fill out the form and make a safe payment on a separate checkout page. In a bank statement, only safe information will be featured regarding the intent of the money spent.

4. Pay For Essay

● Designed for international students

● Reliable Privacy Policy and Terms And Conditions

● Best package of freebies

● Easy to track the order status with SMS updates

● Simple price calculator

● Useful how-to blogs

● Fewer subjects available

● Only a 10% discount for newcomers, also formally known as PFE, is one of the essay writing household names. Used mostly by international students who can’t keep up with the workload, PFE provides essay services of the utmost quality.

Known for its no-plagiarism writing policy and all possible types of essays eligible to order, the company behind Pay For Essay has already gained a reputation as a reliable homework helper. The current satisfaction rate is amazing 97% in 2021.

PFE writers

Targeting international students, PFE is said to recruit mostly ESL-level writers with at least a year of professional essay writing experience and at least a Bachelor’s degree across a certain subject matter. For those students who are native English speakers, a group of more expensive ENL is also available.

Sometimes, to pay for an essay less, even a native English-speaking student buys an essay at PFE from an ESL writer, which is a common budget-saving practice. Free communication with a writer is available free-of-charge, as well as a possibility to switch writers or request a preferred expert.

Is it fast?

From a couple of hours to a couple of months, different urgency of orders can be requested. Just as each of the top 5 websites depicted in this article, quick turnaround and low percentage of missed deadlines (3-5%) is a characteristic feature of this company as well. Less urgent homework costs less, naturally, so it’s a smart idea for customers to approach the company in advance.

How to order & prices

To buy a college essay across such a field as an MBA, for example, one will have to spend about $12.63 per page, with the selected urgency being 20 days. If a customer selects a 2-day deadline, for example, the price will be $20.16. In general, it’s said that a 5-7-day deadline is the best in terms of a writing pace and the final price for service.

Unfortunately, PFE offers the smallest welcome bonus among the top 5 essay writing services. As a new customer, one can expect only a 10% welcome price-off. To pay for essays, credit/debit cards are accepted.

5. Same Day Essay

● Super-quick essay delivery

● Low % of missed deadlines

● Delivery in advance

● Informative blog content

● 24/7 customer support

● Prices starting from $10.52 per page

● Facebook group and Twitter community

● Alleged copyright allegations

● Only a 10% welcome discount

● Few ENL writers is a herald of writing “done for you” essays in 60 minutes or less. No other company before SDE, as it’s informally known, used to have a 1-hour delivery until the company did it in 2019. Since then, this feature became a go-to offer from all the leading players in the industry.

Who are the writers?

The writing team allegedly consists of highly-skilled ESL and real ENL writers. Whether the budget allows or not, it’s quite easy to pick a writer who’ll be a perfect match. Standard, top, and premium writers could be chosen to work on one’s order. Also, unlike other companies, even on the top 5 list, Same Day Essay checks newly written papers via Copyscape.

If a customer wants a writer with whom they worked before, it’s enough to specify a writer’s I.D. on the order page to have them work on the order. Communicating with a specialist who’s being currently assigned on order is free.


As we’ve already mentioned, the service from this company is fast and on-time. Deadlines vary from 1 hour to several months for the longer types of papers, which is, just like with the best companies on our list, quite standard for the industry in 2021.

Order form and prices

The Same Day Essay service is the cheapest among the best essay writing companies recommended by for 2021. Prices start from only $10.52 per page, which is very cheap. To buy an essay, a customer will be asked to pay in full. Credit/debit cards, as well as Discover, can be used to pay for an essay on a secure checkout page.

Speaking about the order process, it’s plain and simple. First, fill the order form out, then choose extra services, if needed, then verify the order, and then, finally, make a payment. Free revisions for 14-30 days and a solid money-back guarantee are included in the rate.


Such companies as Grade Miners, Master Papers, Private Writing, Pay For Essay, and Same Day Essay are announced to be the top 5 essay writing services for 2021, according to

About the Author

Jessica Nita is one of the most renowned Grade Miners on our platform! Diligent, attentive, and very, VERY kind, Jessica knows no excuses when writing essays and papers for her customers. Speaking of who, a lot of students specify Jessica as a preferred writer to get help with essays from. With Jessica working on your order, you can rest assured the job will be done timely and up to the mark.


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Get the Best Essay Writing Services Reviews 2021 essay writing service reviews

Customers in need of professional best essay writing service can have a hard time especially if it’s your first time to avail of such service and you do not what to look for. Without any information at hand, how can you possibly be sure that you hire a company that is trustworthy? You need to know the profile of the firm and the experience of customers with their services by reading pro reviews . This is the purpose of reading the best essay writing reviews. By reading college paper writing service reviews, you get to know the pros and cons which gives you a clearer view of which one to get.

Top-Rated Pro Paper Writing Services Ratings

Based on the details of best paper writing service reviews as given by customers and experts online, has been consistently getting good comments. The company is known for hiring only top-notch and talented experts who can create superior content depending on the criteria and standards of clients. We are a legitimate and certified custom writing firm that can help you with your research work or any other academic paper.

Professional Essay Service Reviews: What Our Clients Say

For years, students and other clients have been patronizing We continue to get positive feedback from the best paper writing services reviews. We offer the following:

  • Trusted and legitimate writing company
  • Can work on different types of academic papers and materials even MBA or graduate papers
  • Tailored fit writing
  • A team of native English speakers and essay writers
  • Reliable customer service
  • Enjoy low rates
  • Reviews on local essay writing services (

Best Custom Essay Writing Services Reviews

When assigned to submit an essay, you cannot just buy an essay anywhere and submit it. There are cases where your teacher or professor has specific requirements and would require you to write about a particular topic, which can be covered by experts at In that case, you have to make sure the essay meets the criteria.

Research Paper Writing Service Reviews

Whether you need an essay or a much more intricate research paper, the company can take on any paper. It is not just an ordinary paid essay writing firm. Our expert writers are crème dela crème. They are the best in the field. From creating research papers to other scholarly work, you have everything that you need on our site.

How Much Are the Rates?

Students and other clients availing of such service would want to find ways to cut down expenses. Top 5 Writing Services charge cheap rates without comprising the quality of work. In terms of the rates, our company is at par in offering competitive rates. When you read term paper service reviews, you will get to know what our clients say about the quality of our work and the affordable rates we offer.

top essay writing services reviews

Get the best essay review and expert writers’ reviews by placing your order online now! Having an essay that is well-written is now within your reach. You just have to give us the details, confirm and pay for essay paper and we will write your essay given the instructions provided!

5 Secret Tips For Choosing The Best Essay Writing Services

The load of academic study has always been quite heavy, especially for a student undergoing a college education. They have to deal with the massive pressure of studying all of a sudden, get to their tuition, participate in college activities, and whatnot. Pretty difficult to manage, right?

However, like any other problem, there’s a solution to this one, too – hiring an essay writing service. Once you give them the responsibility, they’ll write it within the given deadline while doing the research and everything else by themselves.

But, here’s the catch.

Currently, there are thousands of organizations working in this segment out there. So, it can be pretty tricky to find the most suitable option amongst them, especially for someone as busy as you. Nonetheless, there’s no need to worry, though.

In this article, we’ve offered some tips that can help you find the best essay writing service available out there. So, please give it a read and let us know what you think about it.

How Does An Essay Writing Service Work?

Let’s take the example of a popular service provider, write my essay 4 me, here.

With them, you’ll have to provide the assignment first and let them know about the deadline. Ideally, it would be best if you asked them to complete the project at least a week before the official date of submission. This way, you’ll have enough time to check if there’s something wrong with the article or question-answer they’ve worked upon.

Anyway, once you provide them with everything, they’ll start working on the project quickly. And once they’re done, they’ll either give you a call or send you a mail for the confirmation. You’ll have to make the payment upfront, though.

In some cases, you can pay for them after they’ve provided you with the project. But, in that case, you may have to provide your credit card details beforehand.

Finding The Best Essay Writing Service – A Guide

Outsourcing an assignment or two has become quite natural in today’s world. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about it being illegal or something as such. Nonetheless, before you hire someone, you’ll need to check their credibility and efficiency closely. And, you can do that only if you follow a list of considerations. Here’s what you need to know about it.

Question – 1: Is The Service Charge Affordable Enough?

As their sole purpose is offering their expertise to the student community, the typical cost of an essay writing service tends to be quite affordable. Nonetheless, if you do a little research, you’ll find different price ranges in the market.

Now, if you don’t want to compromise in the quality department, we’ll ask you not to choose the cheapest option available out there.

Go for a moderately-priced service, and don’t forget to check their sample article before choosing them for your purpose – which moves us to the next point…

Question – 2: How Does Their Writing Style Look?

Before you hire someone, it’ll be essential for you to check if their writing style or usage of jargon matches your university standard or not. Hence, you should try asking them if they can share something they’ve written before with you.

Or, you may also tell them to write a short essay on a generic topic to see how they work with it. Don’t forget to ask them how they approach an essay depending on the subject as well. The more transparent you can be with them, the better.

Question – 3: What About The Writer’s Qualification?

If you’re ordering an academic essay, you’ll have to follow through with the qualification of the writer. After all, you can’t really afford a History specialist to write an essay for Political Science, right? It might change the whole tone of the article from within.

So, before you hire the organization, don’t forget to ask if they have a writer who’s an expert on the same subject. And, we’ll also suggest you demand their qualification certificate. If you are a college student, you should ask a Ph.D. student or a professor to write your content.

Question – 4: Are The Online Reviews Good Enough?

No matter who you’re choosing, you must check their online review section beforehand. It’d help you get an idea about their writing quality, customer-handling efficacy, and much more.

And it may also give you insights into whether they can handle more than one essay or meet tight deadlines effectively. So, it’ll be a win-win situation for you from every perspective.

Question – 5: Is There A Proofreading Option?

It’s really easy to make mistakes while you’re writing something. After all, when you’re in the flow, it becomes almost impossible to think critically. Hence, whenever you’re done with the writing stage, don’t forget to proofread the article at least once.

And the same goes for an essay writing service as well. So, you should ask them if they offer a proofreading option or not. This, in turn, can help you mitigate the silly mistakes as much as possible. Even if you find something, you can always ask them to redo the same again.

Bonus Question: Will It Be Printed On A High-Quality Paper?

Finally, if you have to provide the content in its physical form, you’ll need to submit the same in a high-quality paper. So, when you’re talking with them, don’t forget to ask about it too. As it’s an academic paper, this step will be essential for you.

Getting Started With The Deal!

At this point, getting the highest possible marks on your essay will solely depend on who you have chosen to write the article. Therefore, you cannot be careful enough in this aspect.

Honestly, the best possible option would be to ask your seniors for a reference or two. But, if you have to do it all by yourself, we’ll ask you to stick to our tips closely till the end.

Yes, you may have to talk a little too much. But, at the end of the day, it’s the only thing that will get you the best possible result. So, spare no expense, literally!

Top 5 essay writing services

As of 2020, the demand for essay writing services increased by 30% with 5 essay writing websites receiving 67% of all customers. Magnolia Media recently conducted an investigation into the top 5 essay writing websites, an initial pool of 27 popular essay writing websites were assessed using four catalysts: price, quality, delivery time, and company ethics. From these 5, the websites with the highest scores were selected, the results are what we have published below.


As of 2020, the demand for essay writing services increased by 30% with those top essay writing websites getting at least 60-67% of more patronage.

Top Essay Writing Services Reviewed Include:

    – Best for Quality – Best for Quick Turnaround Times – Best Money Back Guarantee – Most Popular in UK and Australia

Continue reading below for individual reviews of each of these websites.

#1 – 99papers – Best for Quality

This is the most ethical essay writing websites on the list. With a 5% discount on first orders coupled with the lowest pricing rate one doesn’t have a reason to look else where. This platform is designed to assist students in their academic tasks especially as it relates to essay. While on the site, prospective clients can calculate the cost of their proposed jobs before finally placing an order. The rest of their services include Essay Writing, Research Papers, Dissertation Writing, and Citations. It will be fair to add that this website had the most recommended from research, as matter of fact 85% said they will love to work with them again.

N.B.: The minimum pricing rate is at $8.97.

• In-sight job Calculator

#2 – Grademiners – Best for Quick Turnaround Times

They are the fastest online essay writing website, and probably the oldest on our list, with over ten years experience in the writing business. From our various interviews, this website can deliver jobs the same day as it was given regardless of the size. Grademiners offer services ranging from proofreading, PowerPoint Presentation, Math Problems, Lab Report, Resume Writing, Writing, editing, e.t.c. Their in-site Calculator makes it easier for prospective clients to calculate their proposed cost before placing their orders. The company has one of the most significant numbers of essay writers compared to other companies listed here. The 5% discount on first orders, and 15% in the bonus offer.

N. B: The minimum pricing is £10.8

• 24/7 email, phone, and chats service support

• 100% Money back guarantee

• Money Back Guarantee

#3 – Essaybox – Best Money Back Guarantee

They are famous for providing quality essay writing services worldwide with special concentration on (college) students. Their services range from the personal statement, admission essays, school thesis, research papers, term papers, e.t.c. The company currently works with over 1800 writers world, and are popular because of their quality content delivery. Though they change writers from time to time, probably because of their preference for short contracts with freelancers working for them. Their services are still top-notch, and well appraised by those students who had once patronized their services. Again, their prices are moderate, coupled with the “%5 back in bonus” offer that made them even more attractive.

N.B.: The minimum pricing is $11.40

• In-site order Calculator

#4 – Essay Factory – Most Popular in UK and Australia

This platform is the most ethical among its counterparts, they have strict compliance with deadlines and responds to any form of modification when needed. It has grown to become a major force in essay writing service niche. This company is the best writing services in the United Kingdom; more reason it has gotten most of its clients from that region. It was once named among one of the best essay writing service 2018 and has continued to serve both students and job seekers most conveniently and affordably. The company has its writers segmented, covering different niches, and their customer service section is one of the most responsive.

N.B.: minimum pricing rate is at $10.95

• In-site order Calculator

• 24/7 phone, email, and chat support

• Samples: to have an idea of what to expect in your job.

• Free Enquiry Section.

#5 – Paperhelp

This particular essay writing websites calls for caution, though there services are great but their unprofessionalism is out-performed their ethics, which is why we really need to look out for them. This would have been one of the best essay writing service website, but we understand they have some questionable attributes that has something to do with inserting hidden charges. So with this dubious and unprofessional attitude by this website, we urge you to stay away from their services as your safety is not guaranteed. Their services include Paraphrasing and Rewriting, Essay Writing Service, Essay and Writing Service, and Editing/Proofreading, Coursework Help, Term Paper Help, and Research Paper Writing Service.

N.B.: The minimum pricing is $12.

• In-site order Calculator

• Track the Progress

• 24/7 Support Centre

How we Tested Each Essay Website

We at Magnolia Media have many software tools in our procession, each serving different purposes. We analyzed both the traffic strength and customer complaints, which has been used as a catalyst for grading them. Other factors we abducted in arriving at the best essay websites is an online Vox Popli, where we had conducted a review using some major social media groups.

We also deploy the Buzzmo software, which helped pick up “mentions” on social media; that way, we were able to assess the contents of those mentions and know their reactions on each writing website. As for the prices, we used the price displayed on their website but went ahead to run a confirmation assessment using our online population using the interview method.

The Most Legitimate Essay Writing Services

After some assessment on the most legitimate essay writing websites, we came out with two most legitimate websites: 99papers and Grademiners.

This platform is designed with the most natural user interface; from assessment, it can be used by a 9-year-old. On a second note, it has the highest recommendation from students and individuals who have tried out their services.

Their company-client confidentiality is very active, and their timely delivery coupled with their tradition of developing only original content is something very commendable. Secondly, their writers hold different academic qualifications from degrees, masters, PhDs, including 35+ other certifications.

Which Essay Writing Sites were Best for the UK

According to our responders, Essayfactory is said to be the best Essay Writing Sites for UK and Australian citizens. This we understand is because most of their writers and clients are English. So the clients always prefer their jobs done using UK English. But this does not mean that they do not have clients elsewhere, but we are meant to understand that there are just fragments of non-UK clients scattered around the world.

How Essay Writing Sites Should be Used

First, users must understand that these platforms are designed to help students with their school tasks, and not to give them reasons to get academically lazy. So, prospective clients are expected to see it as an “Academic Assistance” and not an excuse to boycott classwork. Users should also be on the lookout for cloned Essay Writing websites, which is usually put up by scammers to extract visitors’ credit card information. Always make use of the available Calculator on the website to have a prior knowledge of what the cost will look like, weigh your budget, then decide on the best way to place your order.

After you must have received your content from any of the essay websites, we advise that the user make it go through a plagiarism checker. During our study, we have come to understand that many essay writing sites either make use of poor plagiarism checker or do not use any hence, increasing the risk of delivering a plagiarism-ridden content. Individuals are also advised to have a premium spell checker handy. This is because some of these writers working with these websites are not native English speakers. Therefore the tendency of encountering incorrect English sentences is high.

The Future of the Essay Writing Service Industry

The Essay writing service industry, no doubt, have got one of the brightest future in the online business sphere. Statistically, the U.K. sector of this industry recorded an estimated 16,000 assignments as of 2019. From our Vox popli, an average academic freelance writer working with an online essay writing service earns not less than £2000 in a month. Considering the current market size and the growing popularity of this industry, this industry will soon rank alongside online freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer, Indeed, Upwork, e.t.c.

Steven, a freelance academic writer with a popular essay writing in the course of an interactive section, disclosed he has done over 4000 assignments, which includes an academic thesis, research projects, e.t.c, and earns over £50,000 annually. Though Steven has quit, he has made us believe that there are more jobs (with reasonable price tags) to do now than 7-8 years ago. And by the way, Steve spent ten years in the industry. With this little analysis, there is no doubt the essay writing industry has got a huge prospect, and top essay writers with these websites are having a free day leveraging from this growing market. As far as the ethics are preserved, the feature is much brighter, especially for 99papers and Grademiners who are making a mark in the industry.


Finally, the world as we know it is fast-changing, and the education sector is not left out. It only takes a pearl of wisdom to comprehend the direction at which the world is going, but takes smartness to leverage those opportunities modern innovations have brought us.

Top 5 essay writing services

Essay writing is the most common college assignment. Students write them almost every day. They write essays for different subjects, Mathematical Analysis, or Chemistry aren’t exceptions. No one can avoid it. And it wouldn’t be so bad if the number of papers that have to be done simultaneously was feasible. But it is not.

According to a survey, students write essays and do other college assignments almost for 20 hours per week. Let’s add to this, hours spent in classes, other university activities, social life and we get a schedule of a hard-working full-time manager. Again, it is fine; anyway being a student is kind of a job. But unfortunately, over 70% of college students have part-time jobs, too, and get freelance assignments to provide for themselves. How on Earth could they manage all this without any help?

Luckily, to ease students’ struggle, today, there are plenty of academic writing assists that help them to go through this challenging period of life with less stress. If you’d like your essay to be written from scratch by a professional writer, such services are the answer.

Essay writing services are very popular. They provide customers with exclusive essays of high quality, offer free revisions, and protect your investment using money back practice. Essay writing services help students of different majors and deliver a wide range of college assignments, biology labs, dissertations, application essays, included. From time to time, everyone needs help. And everyone deserves to get it.

Yet, it is hard to decide what essay writing service to choose. So, we surfed the Internet and checked many different websites for legacy, sticking to requirements, delivering on time, etc. We created a unique evaluation gradation and used it in our research. So, here are our criteria:

  1. Quality. It includes language proficiency, sticking to appropriate format and style, uniqueness of the paper, topicality of the narration.
  2. Versatility. The variety of services offered.
  3. Reasonableness. It is mostly related to prices, its dependence on deadlines. Is it reasonable for a student to pay a certain amount of money in exchange for a certain service?
  4. Customer support. Often, customer support exactly plays a decisive role in making an order or choosing the other service.

Now, please, find below the TOP 5 essay writing services you can entrust your essays with a light heart:

1.) PaperHelp

PaperHelp is a reliable and reputable service that proved its professionalism by more than 10 years of hard work. And it definitely deserves to be the first.

PaperHelp writers wrote over 100,000 custom essays and other college assignments. Its popularity among students has a reason. The writers at PaperHelp can imitate your style unbelievably well and at the same time keep it professional so any professor will see just your improvement as a student. And that’s what they give you good grades for.

The average price of a one page essay is about $10. It varies depending on the difficulty of the paper, its length and depth, the deadline. However, considering the level of this essay writing service, the price is more than affordable. PaperHelp is able to keep the prices low thanks to the number of orders they get from loyal and new clients every day.

On PaperHelp you can be in direct contact with a writer and track the essay writing progress. You just have to be registered on the website to do it. You also can contact the writer via the customer support representative, but it takes more time and is not as comfortable as via your dashboard.

PaperHelp delivers excellent essays but also asks for additional payment for plagiarism checks, abstract pages writing, etc. Yes, some other companies include these services in the price, but don’t forget that a low price is often a sign of poor service. The essays from PaperHelp are superb, and if something won’t fit you, the customer support will solve your problem in a most polite and delicate way.


  • Prices are reasonable and competitive
  • Direct contact with the writer
  • Customer support is available on request 24/7


2.) PaperDueNow

PaperDueNow offers its clients plagiarism-free papers written by English native speakers only. It is great news for students from English speaking countries and those who need flawless narration in their essays. However, it could be a problem for foreign students who would like their essays to sound real.

PaperDueNow uses the latest software to deliver papers of exclusive quality. They have paid subscriptions for the best tools, and it obviously impacts their prices. So, as at PaperHelp, extra checking costs extra money. But we agree to play by these rules as the papers exceeded our expectations.

Plus, ordering from PaperDueNow you can be sure the writer will follow your guidelines. There is no need to double-check it, but in case you like to track the progress, you can chat with the writer and make remarks whenever needed.

PaperDueNow offers a great loyalty program. To participate you just have to apply for a discount when placing an order. It is one click for you and a 10% discount for the next order.

But there is a thing that will make you say “wow” about this service. PaperDueNow gives its customers the possibility to provide payments gradually. You can pay for each chapter of your college paper when it is completed. No prepayments are needed! This way, you can order long papers with no impact on your everyday budget.


  • Revisions free of charge
  • Beneficial loyalty program
  • Ability to assign essays to your previous writer


– No writers with English as a second language

3.) EssayAssist

EssayAssist is a perfect website for those students who need help with papers which will impact their life directly and in the immediate future. EssayAssist is experienced in long college pieces writing such as dissertations, research papers, course works, or marketing and business plans. When working on such kinds of assignments it is crucial to have the possibility to make edits, and it is granted with unlimited revisions.

Yet, it is too hard to deliver a deep and long essay on a short deadline, and there aren’t any complaints from our side. If you want to be paper original, well-though, free of mistakes, you have to understand it takes time. However, if it is an urgent issue, EssayAssist might not be the best choice.

EssayAssist has a money back guarantee so students are sure their money wouldn’t be wasted. It is even more important considering the prices aren’t the lowest. Again, it is due to the kind of papers EssayAssist writers are capable of writing. It is a price for professionalism, academic writing literacy, and your sanity.


  • Unlimited revisions
  • Strict privacy


4.) EssayGoAway

Though we put EssayGoAway service in fourth place, it doesn’t mean it is a service you should avoid. If a website is lower in the rating, it is because it has fewer options like a range of college assignments you can order, levels of writers you can choose, etc. It can be a problem for students of certain majors, but there is a limited number of those. Still, the EssayGoAway services package will be enough for most of the students. And the papers are as good as on the previous websites.

EssayGoAway writers are skilled enough to help you with the majority of college assignments. They have easy to use guidelines on how to make an order and the list of stages through which your essay will go. When you have a written plan in front of you, the hours of waiting go faster.

Each paper you get becomes yours. EssayGoAway gives you academic ownership rights the moment you’ll receive the essay. You can use it as you want. They will not use it anywhere, as they have no right to do it.

EssayGoAway crafted a stylish and user-friendly interface which while being not as important as the quality of the papers adds some extra points to this safe and reliable service.


  • Academic ownership rights
  • Writers’ versatility
  • User-friendly interface


  • Small writers’ staff

5.) Help-With-Homework

This brilliant service is the best pick for high school students and college applicants. They are masters in coping with problem solving, biology labs, physics assignments, literature or movie reviews, and admission essays. They have everything high school students need. Sure, they offer help with college papers as well, but the variety of high school homework is just astonishing.

Although the usual deadline is about 8 hours, Help-With-Homework writers deliver papers much earlier regularly. First of all, they are professionals who have written thousands of essays. And next, they respect their customers and do everything they could to submit the paper before the deadline so the customer doesn’t get nervous and have enough time to get familiar with the assignment.

Moreover, before submitting a paper to the customer, HelpWithHomework specialists perform quality assurance checks to eliminate even the tiniest possibility of mistakes.


  • Wide range of custom homework assignments
  • On time delivery
  • Quality assurance checks
  • Balanced pricing system



Can I be confident the quality of a paper I am ordering is high?

It is frustrating when you pay for a service and get poor results in the end. Especially, when it is about college paper, as it impacts your reputation, too. To check if the essay writing service delivers good college papers and stick to obligations you have to read the reviews on it. The most trustful review platforms are TrustPilot and SiteJabber. These websites have a strict policy for publishing reviews, so most of them are real. Yet, even on such platforms, you can find fake reviews. So, you should know how fake and real reviews differ. Also, to get a good paper, try to make an order in advance, so the best writers would be available.

Are essay writing services legal?

Yes. They are completely legal. They act within the law, and so do you. Your cooperation with essay writing services isn’t against any law. Nevertheless, conduct research and avoid scammers, who pretend to be professional essay writing services, but in fact, take your money and disappear. Also, pay attention to college rules and policies. Though essay writing services are legal, your college might have a policy that forbids their students to make use of them. Make informed decisions.

How can I check the writers’ proficiency?

Writers’ proficiency is the most important yet disturbing issue when ordering essay help. Indeed, it is hard to check if the writer is a professional before you get your essay done. Yet, there are some rules to follow, so you won’t regret your decision:

1.) Choose only reliable essay writing services.

Do your research, read the reviews, check if there is an actual company that provides academic writing assistance. Professional companies hire only talented and skilled writers. If you have some doubts, take a break and decide later even if you are tight on a deadline.

2.) Pay attention to the website.

If it is designed professionally and written in rich English, it is a sign of a trustworthy service. On the contrary, if the language is poor and the website seems like it was made by someone without experience, it is better to look for something else.

3.) Pick English native speaking writers.

If you are worried about the writer’s proficiency, assign your essays to English native speakers. It is not a guarantee of good quality, but it decreases the chances to get a poor essay to the minimum.

What if I won’t be satisfied with the paper?

It is not a frequent problem, but it happens. We have different views on the same issues and our approaches could vary. Thus, almost every essay writing website offers free revisions. In case, they won’t make a difference, there is a money back guarantee. You can read more about it in the Agreement you are signing with the essay writing website.

Bottom line

There are many reasons why students decide to get academic writing assistance. Some have no time; others want to polish their essays to make them perfect. No matter what your situation is, today plenty of companies could make your college life easier.

They say you don’t have to endure pain if there is a pill. We say you don’t have to struggle with academic writing if there are essay writing websites like we’ve reviewed in our article. Life offers us more and more opportunities to live it to the fullest. Why neglect them?

Best Essay Writing Services

3rd place

  • 17+ years experience
  • 15 % discount
  • 24/7 support

5th place

  • 19+ years experience
  • 20 % discount
  • 24/7 support

Why Top 5 List of Writing Services is So Important?

When it comes to essay writing and you are under the pressure with your deadlines you start to search for a little help from professional academic writers. As a result, you are finding hundreds academic writing teams offering to complete any type of academic assignment for a fair price, with different discounts and premium services included for free. However, no matter how these offers they have seem to be attractive you still interested in quality and the best essay writing service which will fit all your needs. So when it comes to search, the essay writing service reviews are a very handy solution in terms of choice help. Based on user reviews and information available on the market, we have researched and ordered from numerous academic writing teams to provide you with the best top essay writing service list available online.

How to make the right decision while choosing essay writing service online?

When it comes to choosing an essay writing service you need to have some kind of checklist to make the right choice. While paying an attention to these things you won’t be able to make a mistake and for sure you will get the service you have been looking for:

  • If you are looking for the writing service which will be able to help you to cope with your tasks read essay writing service reviews first. Make sure that they are positive and include the company into your top essay writing service list.
  • Quality essay writing services are always offering “Free Draft Service” for their customers to demonstrate the quality of their papers
  • The best college essay writing service is working on the market for several years
  • Attentive to the details services provide 24/7 customer support
  • Sure about the quality team will give you unlimited free revisions
  • Professional team will always provide you with direct contact with the writer
  • Top rated team will guarantee your satisfaction and deliver 100% custom, error-prone and original paper.

So either you are looking for best college application essays writing service or quality thesis writing team these characteristics will help you to make the right choice.


Wang Wei

“I had decided to attend two courses in college and it probably was my mistake. In two months I was overloaded by writing tasks. Then I decided to order online and found a review website. Thanks to detailed information I was able to find a top rated essay service and reduce my load. Many thanks for the info!” – Wang Wei, USA

Alison McGee

“I think it is important to read reviews before ordering anything online. The reviews you have done are very handy, and they helped me to choose essay writing service. Right now I am ordering a half of my papers from the team I have chosen.” – Alison McGee, Canada

Simon Grove

“The best place to search for academic writing services is on review websites. Without reading a review it becomes like playing the lottery, never know if your ticket is the winning one! I have found a couple of teams who can help me with complex tasks.” – Simon Grove, USA

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Top 5 Essay Writing Services You Should Know And Use

Top Essay Writing Services

Top Essay Writing Services Students Should Know and Use For Best College Papers. Stock image.

Top Essay Writing Services

Top Essay Writing Services Students Should Know and Use. Stock image.

Top 5 College Paper Writing Services Students Should Know And Use: Should you trust essay writing services, how do you vet for the right one and are they worth it?

Writing an essay is never easy, especially when you have lots of them. They can be of various types, with different guidelines and requirements. And at some point, this can become overwhelming. Thankfully, technology is evolving considerably every year. It makes our lives easier. And students benefit from these advancements as well.

There are many essay writing websites out there that can support you pursue your educational goals. There are college paper writing services that have teams of expert writers ready to share some tips and tricks with you. But this makes room for scammers to appear. Some writing services are not as professional as they advertise them to be. So, we come to your help. Here are the top 5 essay writing services you should know and use, tested by us.

1. Proessaywriting is one of the best paper writing services you will find online. We had the same criterion to review the services all writing companies on this list offer. The same paper to write, then analyzed by our expert writers. And the team at did a great job. This is why the rating is the maximum. It is a professional writer service that follows the requirements and delivers an exceptional paper free of mistakes. The writer we have worked with wrote an original and coherent paper. There are many other advantages of using this essay writer service.

  • Affordable prices
  • Round-the-clock customer service
  • Experienced writers with an MA or Ph.D. degree
  • Your data is safe and secure
  • Referral program

2. Collegessaywriter

Among the most appreciated essay writing websites is It is one of the best paper writing services that you will come across. A large team of writers, originality, and mistake-free are the things that define them. However, they get a 4.5 out of 5 because there could have been an improvement in the delivered essay. There are some tiny details they were willing to work on, so the final draft was impressive. The advantages of working with them are numerous:

  • Over 4300 satisfied students
  • A large team of about 67 professional writers
  • Over 9865 delivered papers – quite an impressive number
  • A large diversity of papers they can write
  • Ready to face every challenge individually
  • Strong security standards
  • 100% money-back guarantee


If you are looking for a professional writer service, you should go to It is one of the most used college paper writing services by students, who say this is one of a kind writing company. The writers are exceptional and they have a good command of the English language. You can give them any subject to write about and they will do it incredibly well, as they have professional and well-prepared writers. Other advantages would be:

Top Essay Writing Services

  • Competitive prices
  • 24/7 customer support available
  • All the writers are tested before being hired
  • All papers are checked for plagiarism twice
  • 100% original papers delivered
  • 15% first order
  • Secret surprise for new clients


A professional writer service worthy of this top is It gets 4 out of 5 stars, which is impressive as they are very strict when evaluating papers. The satisfaction rate is quite high, 94 out of 100, and a lot of papers are delivered. Their team of writers is quite large, but maybe because many essays focus on the same subjects, some writers have a higher workload. And this makes them prone to losing their focus and concentration. This might be what happened with our paper at first. But as at you can directly communicate with your writer, they reviewed the paper and the second draft was impressive. This is a very nice thing because all of us are humans and we are prone to making mistakes. But if we keep an open mind, we can improve our skills considerably.

  • 15% off first order
  • Over 300 writers that can handle papers of any complexity
  • Mistake-free papers
  • Plagiarism-free papers
  • Deadline compliance
  • Free revisions

Top 5 College Paper Writing Services Students Should Know And Use

Are you struggling with school assignments? Top 5 College Paper Writing Services Students Should Know and use.

5. Essayontime

Last but not least, is an essay writer service you should know and use. It is very helpful to students who struggle to deliver all their assignments in time. Their team of writers is impressive and it strives to offer excellent papers students are satisfied with. And they did the same with our paper. They have about 800 active writers ready to take on any challenge and impress you with their skills. The diversity of papers they can handle is impressive. If you have any problem, you can contact them at any time and they will support you.

  • About 95% satisfied customers
  • About 400 completed orders
  • A large team of proficient writers
  • 15% off first order
  • Affordable prices
  • Quality papers
  • They can handle all subjects and academic levels
  • Certified writers


If you search for writing companies on Google, you will see that you will get a lot of results. As a student who is in a hurry and needs help with their essay, it may be difficult to identify the right one. And you do not want to fail, lose your savings, and not have an excellent paper at the end.

Many writing companies advertise themselves as offering top-notch services, but students are not so satisfied with their writings.

So, hopefully, these top of 5 essay writing services will help any of you choose the one that suits you best. The advantages of working with them are kind of the same, but each of these writing services is special in its own way.

Their writers are very friendly and open to hearing your feedback and revising the papers, so they are improving their skills continuously. They all know it is your academic progress at stake, so delivering plagiarized essays is not an option at all. In fact, it is a priority. Don’t be afraid to trust them.

5 Most Reliable Essay Writing Services Announced in 2021

Every student’s life consists of three major issues to deal with daily: money, food, and homework.

And if you attend high school, college, or university, you most probably know what we are talking about. None of these issues is new, as practically every generation of students has faced them one way or another.

Money and food issues never need any specific presentation, as every young adult knows what they are about – student loan, part-time jobs, own place, time for cooking, etc. These hit you right after you step out of your parent’s house.

The homework, on the other hand, sometimes needs more coverage. As a student, you are obliged to write course works, essays, projects, presentations, theses, and dozens of other papers.

These are supposed to teach you how to research, find the most relevant information, present arguments in a specific order, and prove your point of view. Great goals to achieve, but, over time, endless writing seems to be more bothersome than beneficial.

Luckily, the homework issue is relatively easy to handle since the online essay writing services arrival. Still, finding the service that is just perfect for you seems to be another issue to tackle. With all the variety of choices, you might need to spend hours searching online for the one you could trust and rely on.

To keep you away from this hassle, RankMyWriter created a list of the top 5 reliable writing services available in 2021. We, on the other hand, will perform a quick review of all the benefits these platforms have, along with the flaws to be aware of before placing the order.

So, here are the top 5 credible essay writing services making it into 2021 shortlist:

Now, let’s have a closer look at each of them so that you can make the most informed choice.

Starting from a No.1 choice of the RankMyWriter platform – Essay Writer is considered to beat all student’s expectations in 2021. The platform was founded in 2004 and since that time managed to win great popularity among students worldwide. Major benefits are timely delivery, medium-ranged prices, and ENL writers.

When visiting the website, you will definitely note the casual and overall simple design, adjustable to both PC and mobile devices. It’s easy and intuitive to use -which is a great benefit for those who hate spending a lot of time looking for the “right tab to place an order.”

The order form is placed in the very first window. Right after you start filling in the order, the form immediately calculates your order’s total price – so it’s easy for you to adjust it to the desired balance of quality and money.

This service is your choice if you:

● Plan the delivery of your assignment beforehand.

● Can afford medium-ranged prices of $14.03+ a page.

● Look for quality, not quantity or extra quick delivery.

Essay Writer is all about quality. Even though they offer 1-hour turnaround and flexible discounts, this platform is known for a 98% client satisfaction rate (based on

ENL/ESL writers

Depending on your needs, you can recruit either an ENL (English native speaker) writer or an advanced English speaker who happens to master English as a second language. Both are referred to as skilled professionals, having hundreds of completed projects under the belt. So your order would, either way, be handled on the top level, with a slight difference in the budget.

The platform also offers you a private and anonymous writer-customer communication system, where you can keep track of the writing process and apply amendments on the go. Apart from that, you can write down your writer’s ID number in case you enjoyed the essay quality – to hand your next work to the same person.

Easy to order

The order process would take about 5 min, as most of the fields are created as drop-down lists with multiple options. The customer is offered to tick the right boxes, add a few specifying comments, or upload a file with instructions for the writer. The payment is processed beforehand, with a money-back option included.

The delivery time varies and is also a matter of customers’ choice. The quickest delivery can be made in 1+ hour. The average time for one order is 24 to 48 hours per essay, which still can be prolonged by a customer in case of no emergency. The price is also affected – the more time a writer gets to work on the essay, the less it costs.

Flexible prices

Even though Essay Writer is considered to present the medium-priced platforms, the total order price can be adjusted. The policy of $14 (and more) per page is considered to be just due to 16+ years of experience on the market, high reliability, and team professionalism.

The total price is calculated according to the desired volume, complexity, academic level, and the number of additional services required. Thus, each customer is offered to adjust the price to their own needs. To reduce the price, you can either shut down all the extra services or use the offered discount system, covering both newcomers and loyal customers.

Extra services

Essay Writer covers a wide range of additional services to boost the essay quality, like topic brainstorm, research of extra sources, style formatting, editing, proofreading, applying APA/MLA style, and plagiarism check with a detailed report attached. Still, each of them would require extra money expenses, but the 98% customer satisfaction rate tells this is worth the price.

Despite being a No.1 chosen service in 2021, the Essay Writer company falls for a number of minor cons, like:

ESL writers for cheaper orders

In the attempt to cut the order’s price, a customer would be offered an ESL (English as a second language) writer. The platform assures the order would still be polished to the top level. Still, this comes as a question for those suspicious about non-native speakers as essay writers.

Up to 14 days for paper revision

As a platform with 16+ years of experience, Essay Writer knows it is nearly impossible to meet 100% of customers’ needs from the first iteration. Thus, each paper’s free revision is delivered in case a customer requires some changes or improvements. This process, on the other hand, might take up to 14 days – quite a long period of time.

Extra costs for some services

Even though the platform offers a wide variety of extra services, they are not included for free. On the other hand, services like editing, proofreading, and rewriting can be ordered without getting a paper written by one of the Essay Writer’s writers. You can easily upload one of your papers and get it polished.

Another platform founded in 2004 and having 16+ years of experience on the market, Paper Now hits a second place in the 2021s shortlist of reliable essay writing services. The title of the website gives customers a hint on who is about to work on their assignments, as Paper Now says to hire MA degree-holding writers exclusively.

Apart from that, the platform is famous for advanced data protection, as they use almost every available technology to keep users’ information and payments safe. The website is protected by DMCA and TLS data encryption. Paper Now never transfers or re-sells customers’ private information to third parties and keeps each order 100% anonymous.

The service is good for those who are:

● College or university students.

● Looking for quick delivery.

● Require top data security.

Being one of the leading writing services available online, Paper Now offers customers a wide range of benefits. We’ve selected the top 3 for our brief review.

Skilled writers

Paper Now claims to have over 3.500 available writers, each of them holding an MA degree or higher. This comes in handy when you need proof there would be a real expert working on your college or university assignments. Plus, there’s also a private customer-writer chat, where you can make sure the paper is handled on the best possible level.

Quick delivery

As Paper Now presents themselves as an expert-hiring platform, they also offer quite a quick delivery. A basic college essay can be finalized in 1-3 hours. The course paper or thesis would take 7 to 20 days. The professionalism of the writers explains the tempo. Each of them is genuinely interested in their own subject and can quickly handle the research of any complexity.

50+ paper types

Paper Now covers practically all the paper types required in college and university. Apart from standard essays, papers, thesis, and case studies, you can also order a separate chapter of a dissertation, book review, PowerPoint presentation, speech, and many other paper types.

As with any other service out there, Paper Now is not perfect. We have defined 3 major issues that might influence your final decision.

Higher price policy

Having top skilled writers onboard, Paper Now has fairly increased the price. The average cost per page would make approximately $19.34, with a chance to reduce it to $16.44 by shutting down the additional services. Still, in case you care about quality and quick delivery – Paper Now is the right service for you.

College & university priority

Even though Paper Now accepts high school papers’ orders, the service is mainly aimed to help students of the next education level. The target audience is defined as college or university undergraduates, along with Ph.D. students. Also, the price policy makes it nearly impossible for high school kids.

Paid additional services

In case you request additional formatting, editing, proofreading, formatting, or any other extra service – get ready to pay for it separately, as Paper Now does not cover them in the initial price. Still, the website’s ratings make this policy seem to be right. The quality is perfect in 97% of cases.

The third place in the shortlist is taken by Expert-Writers – a master of security and customers’ privacy. The year 2021 brings brand new challenges to the world of studying. Due to the pandemic, loads of institutions tend to transfer the education process to online platforms. This usually results in increasing essay workload and paying more attention to plagiarism in students’ works, especially when submitted in the electronic form, not printed out.

Expert-Writers stands out here as a reliable counterpart, providing students with 100% unique papers written from scratch and absolutely anonymously. The platform gains dozens of positive reviews daily – you can check their FB page, Sitejabber or Trustpilot. The average point is 4.7, and it’s rising.

The platform is perfect for those who:

● Value security above all other benefits.

● Looks for quick and decent solutions.

● Can afford the middle and high price range.

High security

Starting from 2004 (since its foundation), the company defines data security as its own priority. Each customer getting help with essay writing is also assured of complete anonymity and 100% data safety.

SSL connection, powerful firewalls, and the latest data encryption technologies make it nearly impossible to find out who has ordered a paper from Private Writers. For more than 17 years, this company is a safe haven for students worldwide. The credibility of the website is on-point.

Early delivery

Apart from being secure, this platform surprises customers with the early delivery of 96% of all orders. Whenever requesting a paper from Expert-Writers, you set up a preferred deadline – as on any other platform out there. Still, this one is impressively consistent with fulfilling papers earlier than expected. The 1-hour turnaround seems to be no big deal, as well as the papers estimated for a “long run.” Thus, if the writer can finish your assignment earlier – they will, no doubts.

Free writer swap

The Expert-Writers platform offers ENL/ESL writers of various degrees and experience levels. That’s standard. When placing the order, the customer is given a choice, so the expert’s level is adjustable in the early stages. Also, the website claims to have the most protected channel for writer-customer communication, and whenever the customer is unhappy with the assigned writer for any reason – the platform would change the expert with no additional charge.

100% custom writing

As we can find out from customer reviews on FB, Sitejabber, and Trustpilot, Expert-Writers would never let clients down in a matter of text uniqueness. The plagiarism-free policy is the platform’s bargaining chip at times of online studying. You can always request an additional plagiarism report from the company, but judging from customers’ feedback, you won’t ever need one, as each order is completed from scratch and is never used again in another assignment.

Hitting only third place in the rating, Expert-Writers seems to have some disappointing features customers need to know. Namely:

Writer’s competency

If you are getting an ESL writer assigned to your order, you might get a lower quality paper than from the more famous platforms.

As disappointing as it is, this issue can still be handled by the company, as they provide free revisions of delivered papers and change the author assigned at no additional cost. Moreover, a client never has to wait till the final paper delivery – the writer can be swapped at any moment.

Website’s UX/UI

The company claimed to have the whole website re-done recently. Still, we think it might use some polishing. The style can be called minimalistic, whereas it looks a bit scruffy. Also, if you want to browse it from your mobile devices, the adjustment is not always perfect.

Price policy

Despite having flaws in the website design and sometimes providing customers with papers of the not-best quality, Expert-Writers still has quite a bold price policy. The price per page starts from $16.14, placing the platform among the medium-priced companies. Still, this status is quite questionable in terms of service quality. On the other hand, this writing company allegedly reminds users of free revisions and immediate writer change upon request.

Starting from the early 2000s, Buy Essay is a famous basis for connecting international students with the best available writers. Known as a most reliable partner for students coming to the US from abroad and facing hard times while getting used to the studying pace.

This website hits only 4th place on the shortlist. Still, one should not underestimate the value of the platform. Buy Essay has gained an amazing 97% positive rate from customers, which, by all means, is an impressive accomplishment.

Perfect platform for those who happen to be:

● Looking for custom papers.

● In need of free how-to tips.

Custom written papers

Buy Essay aims for 100% unique text delivery, so the experts are said to complete each order from scratch and meet the customer’s most specific requirements. Even though the platform’s target audience is international students, Buy Essay never compromises quality. The website claims to have 2.000+ experts onboard, both ENL and ESL. Each paper is thoroughly checked for plagiarism and grammar mistakes – and these extras are covered for free.

Free extra services

Ordering a paper from Buy Essay means having a lot of services included in the basic package with no extra charge. Once completed, the paper is ready to be submitted. Buy Essay experts take care of formatting, proofreading, and plagiarism check as a part of the paper writing process, not something that has to be ordered separately. Free title and reference pages, unlimited revisions, communication with the writer, and SMS/e-mail notifications are included, too.

Free blog with pro tips

As for international students, they often find it difficult to blend in a new country’s social and cultural life. Buy Essay experts took their time to create a vast blog with thousands of articles covering the hottest topics and answering the most frequent questions. Here one can find anything, from how to do homework and where to look for a part-time job, up to how to make friends with foreigners, the US culture, and popular leisure time activities.

Moderate price policy

Despite delivering high-quality papers in 98% of cases, Buy Essay keeps the prices low. One could get a paper written for $12.63 a page in case of an extended deadline. This comes as a great help for international students used to cutting expenses and living on a budget. Also, as loads of services are covered in the basic package, one never has to spend more to get a decent result.

Even though the platform might seem perfect at first sight, there are still two issues worth mentioning as negative.

A limited number of disciplines

Compared to other leading platforms in the industry, Buy Essay has quite a humble number of disciplines covered – it’s only 25. It’s half of what is offered by Essay Writer or Expert-Writers. Still, the company manages to cover all the most popular disciplines and claims to have one of the best paper quality levels.

Low discounts

The welcome bonus for each newcomer would be 10% only, whereas industry giants never go lower than 15%. Still, if we consider the price policy, we might find out that the total price would still be lower than on the other websites, even if the discount is not that big. Also, Buy Essay claims to have a flexible price policy for loyal customers. Judging from the reviews and platform’s popularity among students, this might work just fine.


The name of the platform certainly wasn’t chosen by accident. The founders aimed to create the first essay writing service with lightning-fast delivery. In fact, DoMyHomeworkFor.Me became the very first platform in the industry offering 1-hour delivery and immediately won the hearts of “late birds.”

Apart from quick delivery, this website offers one of the lowest prices per page in 2021 – it’s only $10.52. this service rightfully gets the status of “cheap” and “affordable” without losing the “reliable” tag.

The platform is an absolute favorite of those who:

● Need paper fast.

● Look for low prices.

● Want a reliable platform to work with.

Quick essays delivery

The paper writing speed was the initial goal set up by founders. Same-day delivery was a priority, making the management hire only profound subject matter experts who could handle both research and write a decent paper in a few hours. Nowadays, DoMyHomeworkFor.Me claims to have 2.000+ expert writers holding MA or Ph.D. degrees in one of the 35+ subjects. True interest in the field and years of experience have made quick writing possible.

Low prices policy

As for 2021, a price of $10.52 per page is more than humble. Still, such a policy was chosen due to the need for the domain change. The company has faced some copyright allegations related to the use of images in promotion campaigns. Even though this issue is claimed to have no impact on the service itself, we see a major downgrade in prices, which might have resulted from the move. Well, the customers have their benefit here anyway.

24/7 hotline

DoMyHomeworkFor.Me has one of the best support teams online. The agents are there 24/7, answering questions in live chat, over the phone, and via email. They cover a wide range of services, from brief guidance over the platform and helping customers place an order up to disputes about paper quality and handling money-back requests.

Surely, we cannot leave you without pointing out some weak points of the service. There are two issues customers have to be warned about.

ESL writers mostly

Even though the paper can be completed within the tightest deadline due to each writer’s high competency, most of them are not native English speakers. Still, the service does offer professional proofreading and editing as extra services. Also, this can be a non-issue if the customer prefers to do their own editing before submission.

Low welcome discount

Same as Buy Essay, DoMyHomeworkFor.Me offers only a 10% welcome bonus for each newcomer and quite a moderate discount policy for loyal customers. On the other hand, considering the overall prices drop, this platform might have the most affordable price policy out there.


The rating of top reliable 5 essay writing services in 2021, according to RankMyWriter, features such writing companies as,,,, and DoMyHomeworkFor.Me.

Given the number of pros and cons, each of them is a reliable platform to buy essays from. Still, the choice is the customer’s to make.

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