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How A Professional Essay Writing Service Can Change Your Life

About to be admitted into the college? Or not? Are you confident in everything you’re about to send to the admission office? Your grades, and most importantly, your essay? Yep, we know that it usually plays a decisive role. Before announcing the list of students the admission committee wants to know more about applicants. Are you sure your essay would be impressive?

If for you, as for thousands of other people, writing a college essay is a hard task then you should stop wasting your time trying to copy someone’s work. It won’t do you good. If you don’t know how to be eloquent, how to highlight your strength and qualities, how to show the best sides of yours. and be unique and outstanding, look for a helping hand in that. We don’t mean asking your friends or calling a grandma to collect the your positive traits of character and achievement, we are talking about actual job of making your essay for you.

What does professional essay writing service do? It will help you to get a winning paper to send to college admission committee. Planning to truly impress your future professors don’t copy anyone’s work and thoughts from the Internet. There are plenty of examples of how to make essay right, what include and what omit, but the core of each work should be your individuality. That’s what services are offering – a unique and strong piece of paper to guarantee your admission.

The popularity of college essay writing services

Imagine you’re sitting in front of a blank document without any ideas of what to type. The hardest part of each essay is the beginning. But then other complications might follow. You need to avoid cliché, not to be repetitive or banal, never steal ideas or thoughts of other people, but qoute the person that serves you as an example, a personality that you admire. Do you think you can do that on your own?

Plenty of people start, they try, they make mistakes and correct them, spend sleepless night thinking of the ways to change the word or a sentence to make the whole piece of paper more impressive. And others just reach out to college essay writing services.

There’s no shame in admitting that you need help in shaping your thoughts. Majority of people weren’t born to be philosophers or geniuses, but everyone wants a good education. There’s nothing criminal in typing “write my essay service” in Google. They are legal and useful, all writings are done by skilled and talented writers, and they will win you a place in a college.

Should the service be expensive?

How much should I pay for it? That’s the obvious question bothering everyone. What’s is the cost of brilliant essay? Honestly, not that much. College is not an elite university, you don’t have to enclose a hell of a writing to be admitted. But it should be a quality work according to all the ripples and requirements. It should be intriguing, interesting and making readers want to finish it. All that is possible for modern fares.

To pay for your essay or be written is a first step to become a student. You might not have the brilliant writing skills but you surely worked hard to lose an opportunity to enter a college.

How do you write a medical school admissions essay?

How do you write a medical school admissions essay?

How to Write a Personal Statement for Medical School

  1. Write, re-write, let it sit, and write again!
  2. Stay focused.
  3. Back off the cliches.
  4. Find your unique angle.
  5. Be interesting.
  6. Show don’t tell.
  7. Embrace the 5-point essay format.
  8. Good writing is simple writing.

What is the biggest health problem in the world?

As people all over the world live longer than ever, this and other noncommunicable diseases—including obesity-related illnesses, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and mental illness—have become the leading cause of death and disability worldwide.

What is the number 1 health problem in America?

The No. 1 health condition in the U.S. is heart disease. It is one of the leading causes of death, comprising more than a quarter of all deaths annually. It is estimated that someone has a heart attack in the U.S. every 43 seconds.

What is a good medicine for all diseases?

A panacea (or panaceum) is also a literary term to represent any solution to solve all problems related to a particular issue. The term “panacea” is used in a negative way to describe the overuse of any one solution to solve many different problems, especially in medicine.

What are the four main purposes of medicine?

The Hastings Center Goals of Medicine project articulated four goals: (1) the prevention of disease and injury and the promotion and maintenance of health; (2) the relief of pain and suffering caused by maladies; (3) the care and cure of those with a malady and the care of those who cannot be cured; and (4) the …

What will be the top health issues for 2020?

What Will Be the Top Health Issues for 2020?

  • Medicare. Medicare is front and center as we kick off 2020.
  • Affordable Care Act. The Affordable Care Act (ACA), often referred to as Obamacare, will be in the courts again this year.
  • Price transparency.
  • Lower prescription drug prices.
  • Access to health services.
  • Vaccine hesitancy.
  • Vaping.
  • Virtual care visits.

Why medicine is important to us today?

Medicines and health products are important for addressing health problems and improve quality of lives. They form an indispensable component of health systems in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease and in alleviating disability and functional deficiency.

What are medical schools looking for?

What are Medical Schools Looking For?

  • Medical schools want students who will excel academically.
  • Medical schools want students who know what they are getting themselves into.
  • Medical schools want students who are motivated by the right reasons.
  • Medical schools want students who will contribute positively to their school.

What are the common human diseases?

  • Allergies.
  • Colds and Flu.
  • Conjunctivitis (“pink eye“)
  • Diarrhea.
  • Headaches.
  • Mononucleosis.
  • Stomach Aches.

What are the 10 most prescribed drugs?

The Top 10 Most Common Drugs by Total Prescriptions

  • Metformin: 78.6 Million Prescriptions.
  • Amlodipine: 72.5 Million Prescriptions.
  • Metoprolol: 68 Million Prescriptions.
  • Omeprazole: 58.8 Million Prescriptions.
  • Simvastatin: 56.7 Million Prescriptions.
  • Losartan: 52 Million Prescriptions.
  • Albuterol: 50 Million Prescriptions.

Do you write essays in medical school?

According to our data, the average medical school asks 3.56 essay questions, so for 25 applications, you’re looking at 89 essays. No wonder it takes 100 pages. Yes, 100+ pages, which dwarfs the measly 5.5 of the primary application.

What are the common health problems?

Top 10 Most Common Health Issues

  • Physical Activity and Nutrition.
  • Overweight and Obesity.
  • Tobacco.
  • Substance Abuse.
  • Mental Health.
  • Injury and Violence.
  • Environmental Quality.

What is the most important medicine?

#1 Antibiotics A real-life saver, antibiotics can help cure a simple ear infection or the deadly sepsis. The antimicrobial drug can prevent and treat bacterial infections, it works by either preventing the bacteria to multiply or simply by killing the bacteria by interfering with its wall and cell content.

What do doctors do?

A doctor is tasked with interacting with patients, diagnosing medical problems and successfully treating illness or injury. There are many specific areas in the field of medicine that students can study.

Admission Essay

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The “Why This College?” Essay

This requirement for college applications is more important—and easier to write—than you may think.


Somewhere in the middle of the college application process, just when you’ve patted yourself on the back for finishing your main Common Application essay, you realize that many of your chosen colleges request at least one more piece of writing. Often, it’s what I like to call the “Why This College?” essay. The prompt for this supplement can be worded several ways, but the inherent question is clear: Why do you want to attend this particular college?

Far more important than you might think, this essay is your golden opportunity to demonstrate interest—a phrase admissions folks frequently bandy about. That’s because after they consider your transcript and standardized test scores, they start looking for “fit”: Do your interests and even your sense of purpose line up with the university’s? What will you add to the campus community?

Inside College Admissions

Colleges want students who want them. Demonstrating interest is important even if it’s because the college wants a higher yield (i.e., percentage of admitted students who choose to enroll). Because yield is both a financial and a rankings concern, it can be a determining factor in admission. When it comes down to two equally qualified students, the college will accept the student more likely to enroll.

Finally, will you not only enroll, but will you be happy during your years on campus? Satisfied students are, in the end, what make a college successful— both in reputation and in a generous alumni base.

These are some of the things going through admissions officers’ minds as they read your application, particularly the Why This College? essay. The truth is, while rankings and enrollment are significant, admissions officers will tell you that they mostly just want students who will flourish at their school. So, you need to show them why you and Wonderful College are a perfect match.

How do you do that, exactly? First, let me reassure you about your writing demands here. Lest you despair because you are applying to 10 colleges, eight of which request the Why This College? essay, here’s good news: you can use the first part of the essay for all eight colleges, and tailor the second half to each college. That will dramatically reduce your workload.

But before starting your draft, you will need to .

Research, Research, Research

You’d be surprised how many applicants think it’s enough to like the campus tour guide or know that the college has a prestigious name. But you need to dig a lot deeper to find the best college for you.

So, do your homework. Peruse the college website, the academic majors, the actual classes. Read the school newspaper, follow the sports teams, scan student blogs and view student art projects. Listen to the college radio station. Google the professors. Look for the college on YouTube and Facebook.

Colleges want students who want them.

Visit if you can. (And if you’re lucky enough to meet a college representative visiting your school or at a college fair, engage in conversation and follow up with an appreciative email afterward— another great way to demonstrate interest.)

Once you have several pages of notes on each individual college, it’s time to write. But .

Don’t Rewrite the College Brochure

Alas, many applicants knock off a quick, not-very-well-researched essay that says, “I really want to go to Whatever University because the campus is so beautiful and there are so many fun activities and I’m excited to take a lot of different classes and there’s diversity, too! Go Mascots!”

Trust me, college admissions officers already know how great their college is. Their impression will be that the applicant hasn’t taken the trouble to get to know Wonderful College and, therefore, isn’t particularly interested.

With a little effort, however, you can ace this supplement. After researching each college, you will write an essay that accomplishes two vital missions: illuminating who you are and demonstrating your interest—or enthusiasm.

To do that effectively, the key is using highly specific language. Just as in letters of recommendation or cover letters for job applications, specific language is believable. Generalities are the opposite. Compare these two sentences:

General: History is my life, and because Whatever College has not only a great history department but also a stellar reputation, I know I’ll be happy there on its beautiful campus.

Be specific. Remember that enthusiasm expressed in generalities can sound insincere.

Specific: My independent research into the Revolutionary War led me to read Professor Gabe McCormick’s book, The Jockey Hollow Encampment, and I’m eager to register for his freshman seminar class, “Thomas Paine and Common Sense.”

Now that you’re getting the idea, let’s move on to .

Structuring Your Essay

Make the first half of the essay about you and your passions. If you start with an anecdote that shows them in action (rather than writing, “I love history”), you will draw the reader in. You can relay a recent experience or a typical slice of your life. This first half can be used for all your “Why This College?” essays.

Now, transition into the second half of the essay: why you and your passions will blossom at Wonderful College. This half will be written uniquely for each college, but since many of these essays are limited to 250–300 words, you usually won’t need to write more than a few sentences— just enough to enumerate some of the relevant attractions that can only be found at Wonderful College.

Some colleges ask a variant of the question: “Why This Major?” They want to know why you’re interested in the subject you intend to major in. Again, start out with an anecdote or story that demonstrates your passion for the subject, and then go into all this college offers you in that major (e.g., courses, professors, clubs). It’s pretty much the same formula.

What if you are undecided about your major? You can still use this formula, telling a story about one or more passions, and allowing enough space in the second half to discuss classes, curriculum and professors in more than one department.

Consider keeping your interests to two, or your essay may get too cluttered. (That said, there are exceptions to every rule—if you’re an excellent writer. If you have three or more interests and can tie them together in a clever way, go for it.)

You now get the idea: start with your passions, then transition to how those passions will blossom at college.

Even if you have yet to decide on a major, colleges will appreciate knowing that you have varied and keen interests— and that you have done your homework about their school.

Some Guidelines to Remember While You Write

Be enthusiastic. You want to convey the sense that you’ve gone as far as you can go with your talents in high school, and you’re excited that this college offers so many ways for you to take your passions to a new level.

Be specific. Remember that enthusiasm expressed in generalities can sound insincere.

Follow the old writer’s rule: show, don’t tell. In other words, a story from your life will show them how creative you are much better than stating, “I am a creative person.” Which would you believe more?

And please, please, please: triple-check the name of the college in your essay before uploading it to your application. If you’re tweaking the same basic essay for many schools, it’s easy to make this mistake. Sounds silly, but colleges get essays naming the wrong school every single admissions cycle.

Your Personal Stamp

The two-section system—showing your passions, followed by how those passions will blossom at college—is tried and true. But there are other approaches. One of the most effective essays I read recently was written by a student who fell in love with her first-choice college’s library, and then wrote about all the libraries she has loved in her life and what she hoped to accomplish in that college library were she to be accepted. Another student homed in on the university motto and made that the focus of his essay, because it closely aligned with his own moral code.

Bottom line: If you have your own personal style and approach, use it—as long as your essay (1) shows your passion for learning and shows the college who you are, usually through anecdote, and (2) demonstrates your interest in this college using specifics, not generalities.

I can’t resist giving you this last bit of advice: write your essays this summer, before senior year starts. You will not believe the difference in your stress levels— and your control over the process— if you start early and work a little each day over the summer. Once classes start, you will be ready to submit those applications and get on with your already very full life.

So, use your summer wisely, researching your colleges, getting excited about all the experiences you will have in college, and then expressing that enthusiasm in your essay: “Why this college? I can’t wait to show you!”

Francesca Huemer Kelly, the spouse of a retired Foreign Service officer and former ambassador, has worked as a freelance writer and an editor, and is currently coaching high school students on their college application essays. She is a co-founder of Tales from a Small Planet and a former FSJ AFSA News editor.

Demonstrating the Formula: Sample Essays

You now get the idea: start with your passions, then transition to how those passions will blossom at college. Yes, it’s a formula. But it’s one you can tweak with each college to make the essay personal. And you may just find, as others have before you, that having it will be a godsend when the college application process seems overwhelming.

The following two sample essays adhere to this formula in under 250 words. Neither starts with “I love Wonderful College because…” Instead, each draws the reader in by telling a story that can be used for all Why This College? essays. All the student needs to do is to plug in the correct college name, and the names of the courses, clubs and/or professors specific to that college.

Why This College?

It was down to the last question in the finals of the “It’s Academic” televised tournament. Our family members sat sweating in the studio audience. When the announcer read, “Name the only two landlocked countries in South America,” I immediately pressed the button, even though I was sure of only one of the answers. “Bolivia, right?” I whispered to my teammates, and they nodded. “And Paraguay, for sure,” said my teammate Lauren, just as I knew she would. “Bolivia and Paraguay!” our team captain, Aaron, sang out. We won the championship.

I love the adrenaline rush that comes with tapping into knowledge under pressure, and I love it even more when it’s part of working with a team. One day I hope to put these skills and passions to use as a courtroom lawyer or an international negotiator. That is why I’m so enthusiastic about Wonderful College, which puts a premium on history, law and international relations. I’ll register for the freshman seminar, “The International Criminal Court: History and Effectiveness.” I’ll take a history course from Professor John Doe, who is the author of one of my favorite books, Trivia-Lover’s Trivia. I’m also thrilled that you offer both mock trial and debate team: my biggest challenge will be deciding if I can juggle both!

I am convinced that there is no better place for me to expand my knowledge of politics and law, develop my rhetorical skills and build deep friendships while working side by side with fellow students.

Why This College?

I did everything I was supposed to do. I planted long, sinewy aquarium plants. I obsessively checked the temperature and the pH of the water. I created small refuges by piling rocks in the corner of the tank so that crevices formed. Yet, for three years, I was left disappointed. Now, just this week, my hard work paid off: my pair of firemouth cichlids produced fry, filling my aquarium with dozens of tiny slivers darting here and there. This, my first successful attempt at creating the conditions necessary for spawning, marks the highlight of my years as a tropical fish hobbyist.

When I read that Wonderful College’s marine biology program includes an aquarium management minor, I jumped up from my desk with excitement. My interest in ichthyology extends from the theoretical and research components to the practical: I love maintaining aquariums. I will enthusiastically register for Wonderful College’s classes “Brackish Water Species” and “Rescuing Our Coral Reefs.” I have already read Professor Anthony Pescatore’s book, The Fish Hobbyist’s Bible, and I look forward to taking part in his aquarium club. I’m also excited about field trips to the John D. Pickering Aquarium downtown.

In addition, I hope to take advantage of the marine biology study abroad program to Sumatra where I can observe unique species found nowhere else. For these reasons and many others, I’m certain Wonderful College is the optimal place to continue expanding my knowledge in the field of marine biology and ichthyology.

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‘Writing my papers is unbearable!’ you may think, and you are right to some extent! But what if we tell you that we know a magic place where professionals can write your essays so perfectly that even professors’ most sophisticated requirements will be met? You’ve already guessed that we are talking about – the most delightful, facilitating, and destressing custom paper writing service!

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Despite the obvious and even natural resistance to the idea of paper writing in principle that may occur with any student, you may also ask yourself, ‘Why would I need you to help me write my paper?’ The answer to this question lies in the spectrum of your routine actions. It is not surprising that our studying is just part of our lives, and we all have many other things to handle every day.

When you write your essay or another academic paper, you just do one of the numerous things you face daily or weekly. This part of your life consumes lots of energy and time, but how to get around to other things like having fun, working, doing sports, helping relatives, spending time with friends?

People are social creatures, and it’s typical of us to do many things together or hire professionals who definitely know what to do and how to do them. That’s why we ask doctors, electricians, or plumbers to help us. They are specialists. Who writes essays for you better than you do? Right, people who practice their professions every day. We are experts in academic writing aimed at satisfying all your needs related to education.

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‘If you write my papers for me, what other benefits can I gain?’ We have many things to offer and take pride in improving our services every day to make them more convenient for you.

The undeniable benefits of our custom paper writing service

Apart from a paper written in accordance with the highest standards, we provide a wide range of contributory advantages to make your life easier and brighter. Let’s take a closer look at them.

⌚ Timely delivery Receive papers on time
🔐 100% anonymity We respect your privacy
🎯 Custom-tailored approach Best solutions to every case
💰 Money-back guarantee Get up to a 100% refund
📝 Unlimited revisions We deliver ideal papers

Round-the-Clock Support. Our paper writing service works day and night to help you with all current issues. Our friendly support team is available whenever you need them, even if it’s the middle of the night. They will gladly guide you through and answer all your questions on how to order customized papers or consult you about the matters in hand. Feel free to share your worries with them and get comprehensible answers.

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Money-Back Guarantee. You can get up to a 100% refund if you are totally dissatisfied with the work done. Nevertheless, we are completely sure of our writers’ professionalism and credibility that offer you the hard-core loyalty to our guarantees.

Comprehensible Explanations. ‘Can someone write my paper for me and provide clarifications?’ This question arises from time to time. Naturally, we want you to be totally prepared for the upcoming battle with your professor. If you need to fill the gaps in your knowledge, you can always ask for clarifications related to your paper. Moreover, when you order ‘write my paper for me’ service, you can always turn to our support agents for assistance. They will be glad to provide you with the necessary information and comprehensible explanations.

Fast and Customer-Focused Solutions. ‘Is it possible to do my paper for me so that I don’t worry about it at all?’ Surely, it is! We offer all-encompassing solutions to all your academic problems by defining issues, determining their causes, selecting proper alternatives, and solving them. You are free to do favorite activities while we are taking care of ongoing matters. You can always rely on us when it comes to essay writing online and individual approaches to every case.

Who will write my paper when I order it?

Another crucial advantage of our service is our writers. You may have asked yourself, ‘I’d like to pay someone to write a paper for me, but who will work on it?’ Once you order a paper, our managers will choose the best writer based on your requirements. You’ll get a writer who is a true expert in the subject you are interested in, and it’s always achieved due to our thorough procedure of selecting.

Every applicant passes a complex procedure of tests to become one of our permanent writers. First of all, they should provide their credentials. It is important because we want to be sure that our potential writers have sufficient background. The next undertaken step resides in passing a range of tests related to grammar and subject or discipline. Every paper writer online passes them to prove their competency in the selected field of expertise.

One more step includes writing a sample to prove the ability to research and write consistently. Moreover, we always set our heart on hiring only devoted writers. When you ask us to write your essay or other academic works, you can be sure that they always do their best to provide you with well-structured and properly written papers of high quality.

The final chord is related to special aspects of academic paper writing. It means that every writer is prepared to cite properly, use different styles, and so on, so you don’t have to be worried about formatting at all.

‘So, can they write an ideal paper for me?’ We answer in the affirmative because we select only the best writers for our customers. Approximately 11% of all applicants can pass the whole set of tests and are ready to help you. All writers are decently paid for their job and are highly motivated to show the best results.

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It’s time to write my paper! What should I do?

‘I am ready to pay to write a paper for me! Where do I start?’ Our team hears these words every day. We really believe that every student should be happy. That’s why we offer you to look at the simple steps to make the process even more convenient.

  • Fill in the comprehensible order form located on the main page of our website. If you need some help with it, feel free to contact our support team.
  • Provide the necessary details such as the topic, subject or discipline, paper format, your academic level, etc.
  • Select the deadline, and we will strictly follow it.
  • Pay the total price. Submit a preferred payment method. The full sum will be deposited into your account on our website. The money will be transferred to your writer in case you approve the paper.
  • If you have some additional materials provided by your professor or may simply assist in writing your paper, please attach them too. They will help the assigned writer to meet your professor’s expectations.

Every paper we can write for you is expertly researched, well-structured, and consistent. Take a look at some types of papers we can help you with:

  • Essays
  • Dissertations
  • Research papers
  • Case studies
  • Term papers
  • Theses
  • Reviews
  • Coursework
  • Business plans, etc.

The ‘I would like you to write a paper for me without destroying my reputation. Can you promise to do so?’ or ‘Can you write my paper for me cheap and fast?’ questions often arise, and we take pride that these options are included in the list. Your safety and anonymity are parts of our common priority, which is to make you fully satisfied with all offered services.

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Professional Essay Writing & Editing Services

Make your problems go away . There are skilled academic writers and editors currently online who are eager to help you with your project.

We are rated 4.8 on the web

We know that it is important for you to deliver your paper without any delays. That’s why we assign you available authors who can start working on your order immediately. You’ll receive the completed task exactly on time!

We have nothing to do with plagiarism, so you shouldn’t worry about such issues. All the content that we write, we write from scratch, taking your personal requirements into account.

We hire experienced authors who can follow our standards of quality. When you order papers from us, you always receive well-structured, formatted, informative, and interesting content.

Essay Writing Service Features

  • Qualified Writers
  • Flexible pricing
  • Plagiarism-free papers
  • Anonymity
  • Timely delivery
  • 24/7 customer support

No matter how complex your assignment is, we can find the right professional for your specific task. EssayGoAway is an essay writing company that hires only the smartest minds to help you with your projects. Our expertise allows us to provide students with high-quality academic writing, editing & proofreading services.

Free revision policy

Free bibliography & reference

Free title page

How Our Essay Writing Service Works


First, you will need to complete an order form. It’s not difficult but, in case there is anything you find not to be clear, you may always call us so that we can guide you through it. On the order form, you will need to include some basic information concerning your order: subject, topic, number of pages, etc. We also encourage our clients to upload any relevant information or sources that will help.


Once we have all the information and instructions that we need, we select the most suitable writer for your assignment. While everything seems to be clear, the writer, who has complete knowledge of the subject, may need clarification from you. It is at that point that you would receive a call or email from us.


As soon as the writer has finished, it will be delivered both to the website and to your email address so that you will not miss it. If your deadline is close at hand, we will place a call to you to make sure that you receive the paper on time.

Presentation or speech

Reviews, comments, and love from our community

We really appreciate your feedback, so feel free to share your opinion about our services. We’ll take your ideas into account!

I’m happy to contact the professionals!

My assigned writer was amazing and professional. He was always in touch and answered my questions, even the most stupid ones. I ordered a research paper because the requirements were unclear, and I really wanted to understand how to come up with decent writing. It is a big luck to learn from such professionals.

Order id: 732322242

Finally, I found the desired writing service is the best writing service I’ve tried so far! I order different papers from time to time because it is not that easy to study and work simultaneously. Other companies have high prices, poor quality, and other draws. But when I received my coursework from this service, I understood immediately that it is the perfect match.

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Reliable service with English native writers

I wasn’t sure if I should hire a writing service because my friends told me that they had a negative experience. For example, a friend of mine received a paper that was written by an ESL writer! However, this company knows its onions, and my term paper was clearly written by a native speaker. It is very important, especially if you’re a foreign student and want to make the right impression.

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Writing help is a mood savior

Honestly, I’m a good student, and my academic performance is really outstanding. But when it comes to essays, they really drive me crazy! I feel like I’m just not able to put words on the paper. I write paragraphs but they are boring, I repeat different things all the time and so on. This writing service makes my life easier, and I feel the support of its authors and managers.

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It is a great pleasure to use this company

What I really love about is that it is focused on customers. The ordering process takes you about 2 minutes! I ordered a case study, and I was almost satisfied with the result. So I asked them to make a couple of edits and they did it immediately! The customer service is really outstanding.

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Uniqueness is not the problem for their experts

If you’re looking for an article review writer, you’re in the right place. Especially if your professor hates plagiarism. It was my biggest concern, and I asked managers to control my author. I was really happy when they calmed me down and assured me that my paper will be absolutely unique. They also sent me a plagiarism report to dispel my doubts. I got an A-grade, thank you!

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I found here everything I needed

I order papers here all the time because they have low prices, transparent conditions, and reliable guarantees. And what is even the most important, I always know that I can expect high-quality. My last case study impressed the professor very much.

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It was my first time turning to, and honestly, I didn’t expect too much. But you, guys, impressed me by the quality of the received argumentative essay. I reviewed it several times but I didn’t find any flaws. My professor was also very happy so I got the best grade in the class!

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They surpassed all the expectations

It was a real pleasure working with this company. I was expected to wait for an article review, receive a paper that requires editing, etc. But their paper was delivered on time, and it didn’t contain any typos or mistakes. Their customer managers were available whenever I wrote to them and they answered all my questions. I wish all writing services worked this way.

Order id: 745488963

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it confidential to use your service? We take security seriously, so not a word of your personal information is ever shared with any third parties, at least not without your explicit permission. Our writers don’t know anything about you, as we never share your personal information with them either. The same goes the other way around, all our writers are identified by a set of numbers, an ID. Everything to make you feel secure.

How fast can you write a paper for me? All the assignments are expected to be completed by the deadline you choose in the order form. However we do try to send them in a bit earlier so you can have a look at it, sift through or request changes if any are needed.

How do I get my paper? All assignments are delivered to you via your personal account here at our website. We also send your order via email, that way you can always be sure that you will receive it without any troubles.

An Affordable Admission Essay Writing Service

Our admission essay writers are carefully selected from our roster of experts. Each one has helped hundreds of students get into universities with essays that are personalized and completely original.

The writers know exactly what questions to ask so that they can create an admission essay that reflects my accomplishments and strengths.

I love that I got to choose the perfect writer for me! After chatting with a few writers I chose one that could understand my perspective as an international student.

Of all the admission essay writing companies I read about online, this one had the best reviews and I was really satisfied with the results.

My writer really took the effort to get to know me and even asked for samples of my writing so that he could match my tone and personal style.

I could tell that my admission essay writer wasn’t just any writer but had a lot of experience helping people with admissions essays.

Emma was so friendly I immediately felt like we were friends and she helped me write the perfect admissions essay. Thanks!

The Best Benefits of Our Admission Essay Writing Service

24/7 online support

We have teams of writers and customer service agents all around the world so that you always have someone to ask questions no matter where you are or the time of day.

Full privacy

All your information is stored anonymously on our servers and we use 256-bit SSL encryption to keep all our data safe. There is no way anybody will ever know that you used our services.

Unlimited free revisions

An admission essay uses a lot of personal details to highlight an individual’s strengths and accomplishments. We guarantee a well-written first draft but also offer unlimited revisions until the essay is perfect.

Free plagiarism report

We know that College admissions offices run every admission essay through a plagiarism checker which is why we guarantee 100% original admissions essays with a Turnitin report as proof!

Free Features

Admission Writing Success in 3 Steps

All you have to do is follow these three simple steps to be on your way to getting an admission essay that gets you into the College of your dreams.

Place your order

Fill out a simple form giving us information to guide our admission essay writing including any prompts, special instructions, word limits, and deadlines. If you have any questions, our customer service agents are always around to help you!

Pick Your Admission Essay Writer

Once you have submitted your order, relevant experts will bid for your work. Pick the best one for you by reading their profiles, seeing their success rate, and exploring their reviews. You can even chat with them directly for tips on how to write a college admission essay. Upon choosing your expert, simply deposit funds to your balance and they’ll get started!

Download your paper and pay

You will get a notification email when your paper is ready. Go over the first draft and chat with your writer if you want any changes. Our admission essay writing service will only ask you to pay when you are completely satisfied with the final draft.

What We Can Help You With

Graduate school

Our writers help students with their graduate school admission essays daily! They know what schools want to see and tailor the perfect piece based on your personal experience and background.

Medical school

Medical institutions require specific things to be addressed in their admission essay writing. Hire an expert in this field who understands how to write a college admission essay that really impresses!

Law school

We have teams of writers and customer service agents all around the world so that you always have someone to ask questions no matter where you are or the time of day.

MBA admissions

When writing an admission essay for a business school, it is equally important to be original and authentic and prove that you are qualified enough. We’ll help you make your essay reflect who you are as a person and present your knowledge in the best way possible.

College admissions

The key to writing a good college admission essay is to be your true self and submit a high-quality, structured essay. Choose among 100+ writers, chat with them before hiring and work with the one who seems like a perfect fit for your request.


Didn’t find what you’re looking for? We can still help you with it! Shoot a support message, tell them what you need, and get a perfect writer for your specific task!

Any Type of Paper Help

With the hundreds of experts as part of our admission essay writing service, you’ll always find the right person for the job, with quality guaranteed no matter the complexity of the task.

  • Essay
  • Case Study
  • Report
  • Research Paper
  • Presentation or Speech
  • Annotated Bibliography
  • Article Review
  • Literature Review
  • Business Plan
  • Research Proposal
  • Book / Movie Review
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Reflective Writing
  • Thesis / Dissertation
  • Admission Essay
  • Creative Writing
  • Critical Thinking / Review
  • Book Reviews
  • Term Paper
  • Other
  • Homework Assignment
  • Statistics Assignment
  • Physics Assignment
  • Engineering Assignment
  • Biology Assignment
  • Chemistry Assignment
  • Math Assignment
  • Geography Assignment
  • Other
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Short Answer Questions
  • Word Problems

Reviews About Admission Essay Writing Service

We don’t just talk a big game, take a look at what our happy customers have said about our services!

I was skeptical of admission essay services but I needed help with a couple of essays and I’m so glad that I gave this one a chance!

I used this website for my Common App essay and was thrilled with the results. I’ve already gotten a bunch of responses!

So many other companies are way too expensive, but these guys have a great price for amazing quality.

I tried to write a few but admission essay writing is really tough. The writer I found here helped me write a few and come up with my own!

My brother at University uses Studyfy for essay writing help and he told me to try the admission essay writing services.

The essay I got from here helped me get into USC Berkeley, the school I’ve been dreaming about since I was a kid. Thanks!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select the right college admission essay writer for my order?

When you place an order with our admission essay service, several writers will bid for your job. You should go over their areas of expertise, the number of completed orders, ratings, reviews, and other information to find ones you like. Then you should chat with the writers directly to make a final choice. If you ever need any help, you can always ask our customer service agents for guidance.

Could someone know that I ordered your introductory admission essay writing?

All of our admission essay writers are carefully chosen and have years of experience helping students with admission essays. Apart from your instructions, they ask a wide variety of questions so that they can write an essay that is perfectly suited for you. They even ask for samples of your writing so that they can match your tone and style. That being said, an admission essay is highly personal, so if you aren’t completely happy with the first draft you get unlimited free revisions until you are completely satisfied with the results.

What if I am not satisfied with my written introductory essay?

There is absolutely no way anybody will ever find out that you have used our services. All of your data is kept anonymously on our servers and we use sophisticated encryption methods to make sure everything is secure. We absolutely never sell any information to third-party companies. We also ask for writing samples from you so that you get a perfect admission essay in your personal tone and style.

What is the minimum time for writing an order?

We can get you an admission essay in as little as 6 hours. Keep in mind though that the longer your writer has to get to know you and work on your essay, the better the final result will be. Try to give your writer at least a few days to deliver the first draft and give yourself enough time before the university deadline for revisions. Shorter deadlines may also cost more than longer deadlines. We can help you in an emergency, but try and give us a few days to write an admissions essay with care.

How Our Service is Used

Studyfy experts’ papers and recommendations are NOT intended to be submitted as completed assignments. The work of our experts is required to be used by students only for research and educational purposes. Studyfy is built for getting knowledge and does not condone plagiarism of any kind.

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